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Vlog 17 – Mekong Delta Vietnam

Hands down of the BEST tours we experienced on our travels around South East Asia.
Huge thank you to Hien at for showing us around the Mekong Delta, his home village and the REAL side to the Mekong Delta most tours simply DO NOT SHOW!

With Real Mekong Delta Tours we got to experience;

– A Local Market in Hoi Chi Minh

We met many of the locals who Hien knew, ate several meals for breakfast, drank local specialities and walked among all the market stalls. Hien knew what to show us and why, he spoke with the locals and told us stories of the market. He revealed the good and the bad, the harsh realities most of the locals have to experience trading at the market. We saw NO OTHER TOURISTS during our time here, it was a true honour to be accepted into this part of Hoi Chi Minh on route to the Mekong Delta River. We collected some bananas to take with us on the Mekong River tour and off we went to the next part of our trip with ‘Real Mekong Delta Tours.’

– Hien’s Family Home & Village

One of the unique parts of the ‘Real Mekong Delta Tours’ experience was getting to meet the family of Hien. He took us to his parents house, showed us their livestock, their banana field, how they make rice and took us for a short bike ride through the village to meet other family members too. We felt so privileged to see a true Vietnamese experience like this, behind the scenes, real family life… having a private tour is definitely worthwhile if you get to see people and places the big tour guides simply cannot get access to. This had already seemed like one of the best day trips from Hoi Chi Minh, we felt so lucky to have it to ourselves!

– Boat Tour, Coconut Forest, Mekong Delta

Have you been on a boat through the coconut forest on the Mekong Delta? It’s one of the coolest things, you have to experience it! The trees almost swallow you whole as you wade through the narrow waterway. After a relaxing journey through the forest, we stopped off at Hien’s friends house. They had all kinds of animals on their small holding farm, including They took us in and fed us the most amazing late lunch buffet! What a spread! They cooked up an unreal ‘rice ball’ in front of us before serving fish and other local foods to taste. Again, much like visiting Hien’s family home… NO OTHER TOURISTS were at this location with us. Pure freedom 🙂

If you are looking for a full day of adventure in Vietnam, look no further than Real Mekong Delta Tours… Hien’s experience and top notch trip advisor reviews speak for themselves. We cannot recommend this Mekong Delta Tour highly enough! A once in a lifetime experience you DO NOT want to miss if visiting Hoi Chi Minh City or parts of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

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10 thoughts on “Real MEKONG DELTA Tours Review | PRIVATE TOUR | Mekong River | LOCAL Market | NO TOURISTS?? Amazing!

  1. i wont try the cobra shot hahahah… enjoyed this tour… been to hanoi early this year…but only explored old quarter… this really showed the local side of the country 😀

  2. Wow, what a beautiful video you made of this magical place! All those beautiful fruits… And the smiling local people! That was heart-warming. That snake in a jar is something we've never seen before. Do they eat it?

  3. Hey, nice vlog – I wanted to do the Mekong Delta Tour from Chiang Mai but I actually overslept and missed the tour. lol really stupid when I see what I've missed! Wow – you drank a shot of that dead cobra Wine? Brave. I'd probably too haha. Cute little ducks and chickens.

  4. Amazing drone shots! I particularly love the shot at 0:11 where the trees seem to go on forever! The boat ride looks so fun. Omg that cobra! The fish dish looks really cool 🙂 Omg those cute little ducks! Love it.

  5. Cobar wine… I have seen those in the Laos side of the Mekong Delta too! Lots of similarity between the 2 countries. Great drone footages as well!

  6. Cool drone shots of the palms. What is with all of the king cobras and the cobra wine? Do they eat nurse sharks? I didn't think you could eat them… How come you squish the rice in your hand, is that the way they do it there?

  7. So many great footage moments. The palm trees for miles. The ducks walking down the road. The shots of the food. It was extremely well done. I loved it.

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