RateSetter, a peer-to-peer lending company where lenders loan money directly to borrowers, so you can get a competitive personal loan without going to a bank.

P2P loans work with the lender, RateSetter, acting as an intermediary between you as a borrower and the person or group of people funding your loan. To be approved, you just need to meet the eligibility criteria set by RateSetter.

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We review RateSetter to find out its features, fees and if it’s worth it!

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Your interest rate depends on the information provided in your application, so you won’t receive your rate until you’re approved. However, you can get a rate estimate before you apply without it affecting your credit score. After approval, you can expect the funds in about one business day.

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  1. I applied for a credit card at CBA a month ago the refusal affected my credit score…same when I applied for a personal loan at st george in 2018 also affected my credit score…

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