Here is our review of Raiz invest, the micro-investing app popular for it’s rounding up your spare change, has gotten an upgrade. We take a hands-on look at the investment options, cost & compare its performance to other investment options in Australia. Read the full review here:

There are six portfolios to choose from based on your risk appetite: Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, Aggressive and Emerald. How does this stand against other micro-investing apps? Compare your options here:

📈 Raiz Invest review:
0:51 #1 The new layout
1:41 #2 Investing options
3:13 #3 Raiz’s performance (vs CommSec Pocket & ASX200)
4:10 #4 How much does it cost?
4:46 #5 Inside the shopping feature
5:15 #6 Verdict

Watch our review of Commsec Pocket here:

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