AR-10 style setups have been gaining popularity in recent years, and Palmetto State Armory’s PA-10 comes in at just a hair over what most normal ARs cost! Looking to add a .308 AR to your arsenal? Follow along as Johnny gives you his thoughts on the PSA PA-10 Gen 2 – the budget friendly battle rifle!

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23 thoughts on “PSA PA-10 Gen 2 [Review]: AR-10 Battle Rifle on a Budget!

  1. no the distance would be with a gas gun and for me a 20in barrel 1000 to 1100 yards supersonic after that its trans-sonic and bullets become unpredictable at that distance

  2. I have the pa-10 18 inch , put on a Vortex strike eagle 1-6 horseshoe on it . 300 yards down It'll smoke em .Love the horseshoes it's a don't get caught in it kind of deal. So much easier than traditional scopes ,less weight ,and Vortex confidence . Peace. Love mine.

  3. It's an Enhanced Polished Trigger,ie, nickle boron plated after polishing. The receiver on this model is advertised as billet rather than forged. Great piece!!

  4. So…. WHAT IS the “recommended barrel break-in procedure”???? 🤔🤔 Mine is on the way and I want to treat her right from the beginning!!!👍

  5. My 18in 308 rifle goes subsonic(slower than the speed of sound. It often had a decent negative effect on stability of the projectile at this point) at 850-1050yds depending on load. Your scope has the equivalent of 95moa total adjustment. Assuming your mount in 0moa and approx half your total is used to zero the rifle you will be able to dial at least 1000yds; then you can implement hold over. Shots past the supersonic range add an element of luck atleast from my expenience. Technically 308 will shoot past 5k yds. At that range velocity will can still be above 400fps on a 180grn hunting load from an 18in barrel. However you'll need very specialized equipment because to shoot 5k you'll need to be able to dial 1100+/- to 1900+/-moa up from a 100yds zero depending on load with a 18in 308 win barrel. In other terms In my opinion out to 1100yds your probably good to go realistically for shooting steel. Atleast if your grouping moa or better at 100yds.

  6. I do have one question gentleman and that is ever since I started doing research on purchasing an AR-10 I have heard this term "battle rifle" bandied about which is a term I have never really heard when referring to AR-15s, M16 or the M4.

    So exactly what is a battle rifle or the characteristics thereof? What sets the AR10 platform apart to give it such a nomenclature?

  7. I got the PSA Gen 2, 20 inch version and I said the same thing about the trigger, it's smooth enough for me. I just gotta get a mount and scope for it.

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