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  1. Anglais – Impassioned diaporama I have a professional software, but I am filled with wonder by the possibilities at Proshow and considers it regrettable that it is not in French. I wanted to buy it and one say to me that the company will close and not to take action on its product more?
    Français – Passionné de diaporama je possède un logiciel professionnel, mais Je suis émerveillé par les possibilités de Proshow et regrette qu'il ne soit pas en français. Je voulais l'acheter et l'on me dis que l'entreprise va fermer et ne plus donner suite à son produit ?

  2. hi!
    may i know which video formates this softwaare will support to import to work on it and shall we get full hd or hd output with this?

  3. Hello, our ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer slideshow software requires no internet connection. You can download 30-day free trials from our website to check them out. photodex[dot]com

  4. Can you advise if the production can be created offline? I have been looking for a software which I can create presentation offline. In other words, no Internet is required.

  5. Hi, I just began to use Proshow. I figure use Wizard is easier. But when I upload the video to youtube, the quality is so poor. Do you know how to convert to HD video?

  6. Hi, the transition is Grayscale Door Horizontal. It's part of the ProShow Producer 5 built-in transitions and can be found under the 'Image Adjustments' section. Thank you.

  7. Hi, Calling Paris by Wesley Devine is the first song in the ProShow StylePack 5 demo show listed above. We just double-checked and that's the correct song. Thanks.

  8. I am a fairly new user of this program…. I am amazed act the control that you h ave with this program… it is very indepth and I have alot to learn I wish they would make tutorial disc that you can watch on a tv and apply as your are making videos… flipping back and forth to youtube is a pain in the kieeester ! BUT A+++ on the program

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