Sony’s first 16-55 mm (24-82.5 mm in 35mm equivalent focal length) APS-C zoom with a constant F2.8 aperture is remarkably compact while offering performance befitting the G Lens series. A new optical design delivers excellent corner-to-corner resolution, and beautiful bokeh is available when needed. It is compact, lightweight, and ideal for a wide range of subjects.

*When mounted on Alpha series cameras with APS-C type sensor, the actual angle of view will be equal to the angle obtained at a focal-length approx. 1.5 times longer than stated. The all sample photos in this movie are taken by APS-C bodies.

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37 thoughts on “Product Feature | E 16-55mm F2.8 G | Sony | Lens

  1. I just got one for use on my a6500 and returned it. The vignette at 16mm is huge – complete with black corners in RAW. The jpegs have black corners too. Also, there is no Lightroom lens profile yet. So to correct for it you have to crop. I am very disappointed!

  2. No stabilisation… £1200? Shove it up your ass sony, you can pull it back out when it's £600.

    Regret not going fuji now, better 26mp sony sensors and cheaper lenses, the only reason aps-c isn't dead in the water is sigma. Sony seems intent on selling 4 year old sensors with the worst rolling shutter on the market and extortionate lenses in 2019, and it's making the platform looking increasingly shit.

  3. Sony! Give the 18-105mm f4 G finally a new dynamic design or a firmware update when it comes to sharpness and less distortion! It's a great lens already and had deserved more as a G series lens to be honest.

    Long live the G-Series!

  4. I thought it’s gonna be full frame lens

    It would be so perfect to have

    Sony 16-55 f2 full gram

    With that same weight, sharpness & quality

    Perfect for all the small and big Gimbal’s

    Get this on full frame 🙏🏻😞

  5. Way too expensive! I do miss the 24mm Wideangle, but can have the Fujifilm X-T30 with the excellent 18-55/2.8-4 XF "Kitlens", and still have plenty of money left, vs the A6100 and Sony G 16-55/2.8 Lens! Both together are State of the Art, the X-T30 uses the great 26 MP X-T3 Sensor, and together with the XF 18-55 both are "just" <1200 EUR, whileas the Sony 16-55/2.8 G is alone without an cheaper A6100 Series (and mediocre EVF, btw) alone is 1300 EUR ! lol.

  6. I would have payed $1400 for this if it had OSS inside. With that crappy a6600 IBIS this lens is so useless for video. You definitely need a gimbal. You should be totally mental to buy this combo and sleep well at night with Sony A7III + tamron 28-75 f2.8 in mind.

  7. Wow! How fast! Less than 9 years!
    8 years sony users beg this.
    Next 8 years sony users will beg 2.8 aps-c zoom before 1400$

  8. I don’t know why anyone still use aps c sensor camera as it’s nearly the same price than first full frame camera. And lens are not much cheaper. Go full frame.

  9. In all honesty, f/2.8 still isn’t even very fast. Would rather just shoot with faster primes, or a slow zoom lens with stabilization

  10. For those whom complain1400USD for an APSC lens, you probably haven't heard of Fujifilm's 16-55mm F2.8, I guess. That is, if you compared it by MSRP.

  11. Us: "Sony isn't serious about APS-C" …complains…
    Sony: "Here's the fast standard zoom that you guys always wanted!"
    Us: "Its $1500, no thanks I'm going full frame instead" … complains continues…

  12. The one lens every body wants, but few got to own
    cause of the freaking price of cours
    I'm waiting for the Sigma version now

  13. The $1400 price is ridiculous. Even Sony 24-105/4 is under $1200 (Canon was selling their spectacular RF 24-105/4 for $900) and that lens is far better in every respect.

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