15 thoughts on “Pro Lens Adapters for FUJIFILM X-mount Cameras

  1. Make the ND throttle apapter for nikon f to nikon z without the ND filter!

    At the moment I can't use my 35mm 1.8g DX lens on my Z6 as an FX lens, which is a pretty common use case btw. I want to force the camera into FX mode when that lens is mounted but the software prohibits me from doing that. I want a simple adapter so I can use it as an FX lens but this 35mm has no manual aperture control. So the ND throttle allows manual control of the aperture, and I can force the camera to stay in FX mode but I have to stop down the lens to reduce the vignetting since it's a DX lens. So I don't want an ND filter on top of that reducing my light. I want a dumb adapter with manual aperture control. You guys were close but added a stupid ND filter. It would be a good idea if you offered a version without it.

  2. I would LOVE an adaptor for older Field cameras, the ones where you have to mount onto a square plate before dropping it in front of the bellows. Or even something for Petzval

  3. YEEEEEEES X-Mount tilt Rokkr for more conventional lenses! You guys always like my photos on Insta and Flickr when I use your adaptors on my X-T20, look forward to even more :-p * Pulls out wallet * * Remembers that they are a Photographer * * Cries alone in bed *

    Great video as always, great way to showcase and drum up interest – people are going to look up said camera, find info about vintage lenses, adaptors, and will end up here.

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