It’s time. Finally, we begin our playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening on Lunatic Classic. Fire Emblem: Awakening was practically an overnight success, following the story of Chrom and the amnesiac Robin, whose origins are completely unknown. Things start off with a bang today, with a premonition of a future that has yet to happen, or perhaps a future that once was. The intrigue continues, as we are assailed by monstrous invaders from parts unknown.


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48 thoughts on “Premonition – Lunatic/Classic – Let's Play Fire Emblem: Awakening – 1 – Walkthrough/Playthrough

  1. I still don't get why people think Chapter 1 is hard. You pair Fred to Chrom, put them on a fort and Chrom can clear the map. The dodge chance is good, you get heals every turn. I run around a bit back and forth so other characters can chip for some experience and Robin can finish the boss. Easiest map I've seen in Lunatic yet.

  2. "We're doing a girl because it makes Lucina really good."
    Me: Okay, I'm interested…
    "I love me some Laura Bailey, so that's all the thought I put into that."
    Me: Mashes Subscribe button

  3. I've played many a round of GBA and Awakening, and now Three Houses but. I've never touched Lunatic mode. I tried but. I rage quit. So. This'll be an interesting watch.

    Also thanks for not bashing it?? Awakening got me into FE, and it helped me discover some of my all time favorite games like FE 7 and 8… and Three Houses which I have now wasted my life on send hELP

  4. Why are growths important?
    I was thinking this game was actually good and people were nitpicking until 53:40 !!! Why did they break the tension with a slapstick comedy?! Couldn't they wait until you beat the chapter?! I swear, it seems like George Lucas wrote it, it's Jar Jar Binks levels of unfunny, plot unadvancement, badly written dialogue and the tone is all over the place! Like, you are in a burning forest with weird dudes trying to kill you and they're talking about marriage and other nonsenses! Will the story and tone be like this in the rest of the game?!

  5. The difference between Lunatic and Lunatic+
    In Lunatic+, enemies begin with 2 of these skills: Luna+, Vantage+, Pass, and Hawkeye.

    Beginning in chapter 3, Aegis+, Pavise+, and Counter may be one of the skills.

    Luna+: Luna always activates and cuts your DEF or RES in half (depends on enemy weapon).
    Vantage+: Enemy goes first when it is attacked by your units.
    Pass: Enemies pass through your units.
    Hawkeye: Attack will hit.
    Aegis+: Halves Tomes, Bows and Dragonstone damage.
    Pavise+: Halves Swords, Axes, Lances, and Beaststone damage.
    Counter: Damage done adjacent to the enemy goes back to the unit who damaged them.

  6. i like to use villvion uptill chapther 12 as paring him up Panne or Valk and getting 2 Streght level ups will allow him to one shot flying units ( or no strenght level ups if you marry him with Panne as he'll have just enough Strenght one shot but that wont be till Chapter 10 the soonest )

  7. So is there any way to circumvent the boss having a crit chance against everyone on your team? Because that would be gross otherwise.

    Anyway, this definitely seems worth following! 🙂 I'm an old geezer who only played FE6-12 and never invested in a console newer than the DS, so my exposure to Awakening is very limited (I watched Mangs' old LP, but stopped at some point iirc). Looking forward to a (with apologies to Mangs) probably more competent playthrough than I've watched way back then. 😉

  8. I never stopped to think how fucked up it is that the vision ends with you stabbing chrom and seeing him fall dead on the ground

  9. there's a glitch that lets robin and chrom walk on water. I never used fredrick in this one and just used that to level up robin long distance

  10. “I shall serenade you guys with my voice” yes that’s exactly why I’m watching this walkthrough. To hear that sweet sound of Deltre memeing a fire emblem story

  11. What always kinda bothered me that Robin (Or Hei'yu) couldn't use dark magic and gets slowed by Sand. (He must be some shitty Plegian)
    They Probably made this to keep Robin from being way too OP. But it would have been nice if He/She would have gotten the ability Gift of Darkness (The one Aversa has) at some point in the story.

  12. Oh Awakening. I’ll always love you for bringing me to this fantastic series, but you are really really mediocre to actually play

  13. Hei'Yu….deja vu….you a Super Gaming Bros fan,Deltre? Cause i swear,that's what Matt named the Boy with the Earing in Persona 1

  14. A finally, it is here, the playthrough of Frederick Emblem, this should be a fun one while also being intresting cause i'm kind of in the same boat when it comes to the story, I've played the game through like 5 times and always skip the story nowdays after my first time so, will be intresting to see how it holds up since memory is a bit shady on that. Plus i'm curious what kinda meme's are gonna come out of this one so thats something to love even more fowards too.

    Tho I gotta say i'm happy to hear you explaning things like the weapon rank bonus cause honestly, I never knew about them even playing the game multiple time so, very helpful on that end and hopefully will have more stuff like that i've never know about the game uncovered through this playthrough.

    Anyhow, will be looking fowards to the rest of this playthrough and the strum ^^

  15. "You see your buddy getting pounded by like 6 guys, are you just gonna go stand there or lend 'em a hand?" -Deltre 2019

  16. Whoa, dude your birthday is December 10th?! That's the same day as one of my best friends. And it's also 5 days before mine! 🙂

    Am I the only one that didn't mind the voice clips that play in dialogue? It seems that a lot of other people dislike it. I thought it was really cute addition and it gave me an idea of what most characters sound like.

  17. Pair up doesn't make sense in many older FE games, because in those, units were an abstraction of a larger group than a single person. Knowing that, the logistics of getting a small army of dudes in armour to ride with a small army of dudes on horses are just not feasible.
    5:50 Awakening has the best cut scenes in the series. Easily. FE:Fates' cutscenes are so stiff and artificial, SOV's are bad 3D and RD/POR has aged poorly. Even 3H's cutscenes lack the flair Awakenings' have.
    19:55 At least they have the balls to have the characters kill their foes.
    46:52 fun fact, risen were actually kind and peaceful, but Chrom antagonized them, so that went out of the window.

  18. About the story: It's actually not bad, but it's sort of rushed. You can easily split it into 3 parts, and each of them is sort of short, they paint some events as world ending in one chapter and it can magicaly be solved in another…

  19. To be fair, the rest of the new fire emblem games have kind of sucked. Conquest on lunatic is kind of fun, but the story is garbage. Echoes is just bad. I wont count heroes, but it is absolutely terrible as well for other reasons.

    5 to 10 years from now, Awakening haters will look back on this game like how some of us older players look back on path of radiance. "The last decent Fire emblem game" It isnt my favorite fire emblem game, but it is still not the terrible game people make it out to be. I'll take it over echoes any day.

  20. I like how you're not playing "Stream emblem" and thundering the guys to max out your exp, it adds some more challenge to the run i feel, and curbs robin's growth for a while. Deltre you always do things the hardest way possible aha

  21. "Who would I use the speedwing on, making a good unit better or a bad unit decent? The good unit of course."

  22. Awakening is such a broken game. The fact that you can reset characters levels with a second seal means there is no reason not to promote at 10. And the children are just stupid. The problem is that all that stuff comes at mid game, meaning that the artificial difficulty, as in just fighting higher level units, in the early levels is still pretty difficult on harder difficulty, but after that the game is pretty easy to absolutely demolish with any set of units you want, because everyone is good (as in their potential).

  23. Awakening was my first Fire Emblem… but I didn't buy it until after Robin was revealed for Smash 4.
    18:40 I think IS has actually confirmed that, but I don't have a source on hand.
    46:55 Wait a minute… are those Zodiac signs? Who put Final Fantasy Tactics in my Fire Emblem!?

  24. A shame I can't play this game anymore. I lend it to some friend of mine, and when he transferred schools he never gave it back and when I try to contact him he simply ignores it

  25. I really dislike Awakening's gameplay. Some of the design choices as well. And the majority of the dialogue with the Avatar. But thankfully I'm not here because I like Awakening.

    But I do like most of the characters, all of the QoL stuff, and the writing that doesn't involve the Avatar/bonds/fate is pretty serviceable.

    Btw, Liss-ah and Plee-Jee-ah, but you can pronounce them how you like.

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