How to preserve bone and mass on a low calorie diet.

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This is the follow-up to The Benefits of Calorie Restriction for Longevity (

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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31 thoughts on “Potential Pitfalls of Calorie Restriction

  1. If you missed the previous video, be sure to check out -NF Team

  2. I can't understand what calorie restriction really means when mentioned in these studies, even more so if you're already in a healthy weight (I'm 23yrs, 5"4' and 117 pounds, which puts me in the end of the BMI chart, so don't think I need to loose weight and yes put on muscle, so CR is actually contra-productive in this case).
    I have experienced only negative effects of CR during my life. 8 years dieting, fasting and exercising 8-9 hours a week brought me to a bad relationship with food and my body, and constant stress, that resulted in disease. and yes I've been plant based this whole time – I still am, but had to let the calorie restriction and overexercising go…

  3. Hello Dr. Greger,

    Can you please do a review of the scientific literature on Metformin for longevity in non-diabetics?

    I am vegan and I have been taking it based on what I have read.


  4. For years I, with a sedentary lifestyle n on a plant based diet wondered why I remained at about 208 lbs. I lowered my caloric intake and within months dropped to 173 lbs! My goal is 150.

    JoseTheVegan on YouTube

  5. One of the potential pitfalls of calorie restriction is watching all your friends and family die as you out live them. 🙁

  6. thank you dr greger ive always thought i should increase protein intake when consuming less calories but now i know better!

  7. VAlter Longo recommends consuming 30g of protein within a half hour of weight training. If you calorie restrict and lift you will need to make sure your protein is sufficient. Also allow for plant protein not being so efficiently absorbed.


  9. Need to make a vegan reality show where obese people go vegan and over three months completely transform. Call it. Big Vegan Losers and you have a hit

  10. I'm 68 and lost quite a bit of weight. Now I'm trying to do resistance once a week along with my daily walks to get the muscle back. Yeah, you look so horrible because your skin gets wrinkly and you lose muscle. It eventually comes back without gaining weight, with exercise. At first, you aren't sure if you look better or worse.

  11. Perfect timing with all these high calorie pushers in the vegan community telling us to eat over 2k no matter who we are lately, which has shown to be very detrimental to me. Just started eating way less and finally I’m feeling like myself again.

  12. Yeah, now protein consumption dont preserv lean mass?? Came on, there are literally hundreds of papers proving that… The bias is real

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