Hey guys, today we’re taking a quick look at the pioneer DMH-Z5150BT, this is one of the units from pioneer’s latest release. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.
We think this is a fantastic budget unit!!

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38 thoughts on “Pioneer DMH-Z5150BT Walkthrough / Review

  1. Hi, ur video have a lot of information, but I have one of those but it doesnt connect with my iphone X iOS 11 u have any idea why ?

  2. How do you access the original vehicle specific options after installing this unit? (like the door locks and light timouts etc)

  3. Hi Nathan, killer video mate! My question is; I have used the pre made harnesses from Auto Barn (sooo quick and simple, didn't even know these existed) and the issue I have is that I can't get a picture when playing videos via USB, sound is fine just no image. Do I need to plug the Video out into the video in to get this to work? Or could it be because I have used a pre-made harness that has no park break grounding wire??
    Thanks in advance Captain!

  4. Can I watch tv through this with say a digital tuner and antenna?
    Also can I stream say Netflix or the 7app and watch my phone's stream through this?

    So my misses can watch something whilst I'm driving

  5. Hello Nathan thank you for the vid. quick question, on this unit do I need to buy like a universal steering wheel control interface separately, that allows me to use the controls such as volume? thnks!

  6. Hi Nathan, my case the ‘Parking assist guide adjust’ doesn’t light up so I can’t adjust the parking guide lines at all! Do you know why? Could you please show me how to do. Thanks

  7. Great video very informative and helped me a lot. Just finished installing this with Pioneer RCAM2. All works great BUT whilst driving along the screen randomly switches to the rear camera view.

    Connected Yellow video to RC in, red wire to ACC on harness and black wire to GROUND on harness. Note: these connections were made using scotch locks as I am an extreme beginner…

    I am yet to connect purple trigger wire to reverse light.

    I fear this may be a result of a bad ground but am not sure…

    Have you experienced something similar before or any idea what may be causing this?

  8. Great video Nathan, I can confirm your advice about grounding the parking brake wire was spot on and saved me heaps of hassle with the install on a 2009 Forester. Keep up the great work!

  9. thanks! i dont want to have to have my phone connected with a cable so this video kept me away from this unit, thanks 🙂

  10. Hey Nathan can you use youtube with auto android? In the video I only see spotify, maps, calls but no youtube and netflix?

  11. Hey nathan.. need a favor.. like i have holden calis vy 2006.. and i want to upgrade my head unit so actually i want some good functions for Android like wireless mirroring and more.. acc. To you which one i will buy in favourable price??

  12. Hey Nathan, great review as usual! Can you tell me, will other map apps mirror via apple car play? Hema maps for example?

  13. Great video, tossing up between the Pioneer DMH-Z5150BT and the Sony XAV-AX5000 . Watched both videos, keen to integrate it into my 2010 Aurion with using steering wheel controls/reverse camera. Which of the 2 units do you think is better (will be used for android auto) . i have noted that its about $64 more for the sony. Thanks!

  14. Hey 👋🏽. Great video. Quick qn. When using Apple car play, do you always have to plug your phone in and does it charge?. Not just this model. I mean all .

  15. Hey Nathan I can’t get the steering wheel control to light up in settings despite powering the unit off as per your video Restore settings
    Keyboard as well as others also greyed out 🧐

  16. Great video mate. Looking at putting this in a 2016 Corolla. Are you able to connect up the headunit to use the USB and AUX ports that are already built into the car? Likewise, should I be able to connect up the factory reversing camera and steering wheel controls ? thanks

  17. Thanks Nathan fabulous video and very helpful. Just one question…….. If I want to view videos with the handbrake OFF do I ground the long green wire as you mentioned?

  18. Thanks for the vid, mate. Just wondering. I've just bought this unit and it's going to do pretty much 100% of what I need it to do. Is there a way to split the USB input where I can plug in a USB with video/audio media AND my phone for charging/car play? Thanks in advance!

  19. Hey great video @nathanstephenss , I appreciate it greatly. Just a quick question. I'm either going to buy this or the AVH-ZL5150BT. Outside of the obvious no CD/DVD player is this product inferior or lacking in anyway to the ZL version?
    Thanks Mick

  20. hola amigo tengo un pioneer 5150 BT y no reproduce el usb ala primero si lo hiso y despues no lo quiere leer no el DVD tanpoco lo.lee disco piratas un favor esplicame por que o que deveria aser

  21. Hey Nathan, Great video. Do you need to be plugged in for android auto or apple car play to work or can it use the bluetooth connection? Cheers.

  22. Hi Nathan, thanks for the time and effort you put into making these video's. Very informative and straight forward. Quick question, with this unit, do I need to bypass the parking brake in order to play video's via usb etc? Or is grounding it enough? Cheers

  23. Excellent video! Where can i find the firmware update? I buyed the unit in South America, and the People of pioneer au says that I must use the firmware provided for pioneer latin, the only update that I founded is in pioneer au. Can you help me?

  24. Just threw one of these in my pj ranger… Was glad to see that earthing the park brake wire to the radio ground worked for this head unit… Spliced that in mine and it is working beautifully… Android auto is more responsive than I was expecting which is a bonus…

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