The Panasonic Lumix G95 is largely based on the very successful and popular Lumix G85. There are a number of changes and upgrades including the 20MP sensor, v log, improved autofocus..etc In this review we will go though some of the biggest changes and see how the camera performs when compare to the G85.

Blog Review with more sample photos:

Note: This review is based on a pre-production Panasonic Lumix G95 running pre-producition firmware.

The Perfect Vlogging Camera has arrived?

Panasonic Lumix G90 | G91 | G95 Video Continuous Autofocus Test


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29 thoughts on “Panasonic Lumix G95 | G90 | G91 Hands On Review

  1. Hi Richard, thank you for your thorough review and thoughts of the G95. I have owned Panasonic cameras in the past and I do believe I will be purchasing this for an upcoming trip to Disney.

  2. Hi Richard, thanks for this informative comparison review. If you had the choice to buy the G95, the Sony A6400 or the Canon M50, which would you go with. I know the M50 is alot cheaper. But I terms of photo and video quality and ease of use, which would go with? Thanks.

  3. I am stuck on a decision for my next purchase. G95 or the sony A6400. Im confused. I dont do vlogs too often its very rare when i vlog. The camera is mostly stationary. But im liking the G95.

  4. Good day. Your review is great. I just wanted to know cause some comments say g9 is better. I like sony but im not impressed with their a6400. So im gonna wait for a better camera feom sony. But for now i think panasonic is doing great. So i wanted to know whats best is it the g9 or g95? I wanted something for an all rounder camera which i can use for photography and also for vlogging. Thank you and have a nice day. And as for your haters you can't please all of them. Because some find happiness by ruining somebody. So stay calm and be informative sooner or later you'll be hitting a million subs. Kudos!


  6. Great overview, thanks Richard!
    If I might ask: The G85 has a feature called "teleconverter"… where it crops 2x more and gives you double the reach. However, that feature does only work in FullHD, not in 4k.
    (The GH5 has it too, there it also works on 4k).
    Do you know if the G95 does have that feature as well and if it works also only in FullHD or if it works also in 4k?
    Thanks a lot

  7. Paid 450€ a brand new 4 Year warrany Lumix G85 few months ago. Totally not worth the upgrade to G90/95 :/ but still no Af joystick on this model, only useful buttons on top.
    According to price difference and nealy past cashback is better the G9. You can buy it around 1000€ in the past months, that's the real deal.

  8. Generaly:
    1) Screen is now OLED
    2) Headphones jack finnaly added
    3) micro USB possibility to power and to load batteries

  9. Unfortunately, the G95 has a pretty big crop factor of 1.26 for 4K video, more than the G85 (1.18x) and much higher than competition like Fujifilm's X-T30 (1x). Canon m50 is the worst tho at 2.56x

  10. As a G85 owner, I do not see a big diference. I would maybe consider upgrading if the bitrate is raised to 150-200 mbs and 4k 60p.

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