Welcome to the Macau vlogs! There are only two episodes in this series 😀

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Margaret’s Cafe

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41 thoughts on “Our First time in Macau ft. hotel review

  1. i love watching you two it gives me goid vibes and you're a very cute couple full of trust and happiness 😍🤗🤗😍 please come and visit the Philippines as well.

  2. 04:40 You have to look at the horizon line, so the brain's awareness of of what is up down isnt broken. When on a ship/closed car, your brain cant make out the position, and you get sea sick and nauseated.

  3. It's Pasteis de Nata! PASTEIS DE NATA Y'ALL!! Not Egg Tart. That's not it name. The McDonald's snacks names you got it right lol…
    If you guys try it again Pasteis de Nata, put a bit of cinnamon on top of it while hot.

  4. Yo Chonny, you should go to Nanjing, China 😀 Just because I miss the place and can't find any decent videos on it 😀

  5. i just got back from macau, its like a playground for the rudest, perverted mainlander chinese people to go, its even worse inside the casinos, its good for a day trip if in hk, would never go back again

  6. me and my dad are from oahu hawaii, my mom is from okinawa and my grandparents are from macau. unfortunately that side of my family doesn’t speak chinese so i don’t know a lot about my culture, thank you for vlogging, now i can expand my knowledge on where my relatives came from 🙂

  7. Those custard tarts look really good, but REAL portuguese custard egg tarts are a bit different 😉 not that "eggy" on the inside, more creamy, still firm, with a little pinch of lemon flavour.
    And you shouldn't eat it hot right as they get of the oven.. wait a little until it's just warm or at a natural temperature.
    And come to Portugal! Custard tarts are just one of the many delicious sweets we have here :))

  8. Dalena last video : you know my parents watch our vlogs

    Dalena this video : when you're in the toilet, you can watch me shower

  9. I wonder if Chonny's ever been stopped by customs and asked to explain why he has 50 pairs of slippers in his suitcase.
    Seriously man, how many pairs do you have at home?

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