This ENTIRE video was edited and exported on this 7th generation iPad. In this video, I dive DEEP into the features and functionality of this new 2019 iPad from Apple. From performance, to iPad OS features, I show you almost everything this iPad is capable of! Definitely not your average 7th Gen iPad review. This may just be the best device for students on a budget. Watch the video to find out whether or not this iPad is right for you!

Pick it up here –
Space Gray:
Silver: – Silver model is $319 atm!!

This video was recorded using my iPhone, & edited with LumaFusion on my 2019 7th gen iPad.

Gear I used in the making of this video:
FiFine T669 Mic:
MeFoto Phone Mount:
My iPhone, & iPad
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If you’re reading this I appreciate you! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “One Month Later: $329 7th Gen iPad Review – MY Experiences +iPad OS Features

  1. Hey guys, hope you received value out of this video! If I did provide you with some value, hit that like button! Thanks for watching and leave me some suggestions for future video topics you'd be interested in seeing!

  2. I will buy this this afternoon (Philippines Time)
    so so excited!
    Your review make me more want this as my first Ipad E V E R! 🤩🤩

    New subbie here!😎😎

    Edit: I got it! Its Space Gray in color and I love it so so much! Super perfect for netflix. Wohoooo!

  3. Bro ur rewiew will help me alot
    U r editing on an ipad thats sick
    That would help to edit all my video
    And the final one
    I am in love with ur channel
    U r just awesome

  4. After watching number of videos reviewing the I pad 7th Gen. Your's is the most clear and logical review i observed. You have good influencing skill. Keep it up👍

    P. S. I subscribed you and not the bunch of youtubers comparing i pads in the name of review.

  5. Hi can you do a vid of fortnite on this ipad pls ? And if yes can you do all the settings ( graphics) and turn on the fps counter as I would like to see how it performs.
    Also what kind of problems could the apple keyboard have if I buy it on Ebay or used as you suggested as the prices are way more interesting ? As I'm scared that if I buy this ipad and the smart keyboard I'm worried that it's a fake or that there's going to have a problem with it
    Thank you and great vid !

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