In this video, we will be taking a look at the Official Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Keyboard Book Cover.

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Official Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e QWERTZ Keyboard Cover Case:

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19 thoughts on “Official Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Keyboard Book Cover Review

  1. How to turn off automatic magnetic lock and unlock function? When I backfold my cover, it automatically locks my tab. Which is very irritating. Did anyone find any way to turn off the magnetic lock and unlock function?

  2. can it scratch the screen? these metal clips in the middle of keyboard. designed to attach tab to keyboard, can they scratch the screen?

  3. For €119 I'd want better. Drop the price or add better functionality/s. IE: a pen, wallet space for cards and notes, better protect features.

    Third party cases already have better offerings at a quarter the price.

  4. I have this case, and the weak magnet caused my tablet to slip out the case, and break on the concrete below. I sorry, but really can't recommend this case to any consumer. Get UAG case instead.

  5. Hey, thanks for this review. I bought this cover and am currently trying to figure out how I can get the auto switch on/off feature to work when I open/close the cover. Any idea? Thanks!

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