In this video, we will be showing you how to apply the Official Samsung Screen Protector to the S10 / S10 Plus.

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector:

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector:

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45 thoughts on “Official Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus Screen Protector Installation Guide & Review

  1. Purchase Here:

    Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector:

    Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector:

  2. Guys do you recommend I get a new screen protector or should I just keep the one pre installed so far I've had no problems with the pre installed one

  3. samsung are becomning a joke day after day. they are slowly turning into a cheap chinese company. HOW can you release and OEM galaxy S10 plus screen protector and not have it go around the front cameras, like the pre-installed protector?!

    don't buy the S10 plus! cause if your factory screen protector gets damaged you DO NOT have a viable option for replacement!

  4. I like how even in this video you have loads of bubbles. Most obvious one is at 1:20. I guess they noticed it so they ironed that one out before next shot, but…
    1:27 2 of them along the right side of the screen! There's also a lot of tiny bubbles along the edges littered throughout the video.

  5. Wait… This is just a stupid foil thing?? I thought it was an tempered glass.
    I have a crack on the side that continues to the middle.
    Geez, does this mean my screen broke instead of my screen protector??

  6. This is definitely the best screen protector .I've tried a few but always had an issue with them not feeling smooth but sticky and leave fingerprints the official screen protector is nice and smooth as the preinstalled screen protector was and fingerprint sensor is just as responsive unlike the whitestone dome.Im just hoping that this one doesn't end up peeling itself off as the preinstalled one did.

  7. I just bought this one thinking it'd be the same as the one that came pre-installed but what the fuck the upper right hand corner is so ugly 🙁
    Why'd they cut the corner off it looks horrible

  8. This screen protector is junk…stay away from it !!! Bought it for mine and it's terrible. Im a perfectionist when it comes to screen protectors and installing them and this one is a cheap junk one. No matter what you do or try this protector has bubbles and it will not perfectly align on all 4 sides which is critical for a curved screen. I even tried the 2nd one that you get and it was even worse. I always flawlessly make sure my screen is clean of any debris before any install too. This protector fails in every category. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND AVOID THIS CRAP

  9. I tried different 2 different screen protectors but honestly I am amazed at how this product works. I just love it! Thanks for the video. It just got me convinced!

  10. if you checked this video before purchasing the 'original samsung screen protector' do yourself a favor and buy something else. There are always some bubbles on the botom side of the device and even tho it brings 2 protectors in the same box it makes no diference.just investigate and buy something else,this is not woth it. ZAGG makes some magnificent screen protectors.

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