8 thoughts on “Noveske Infidel Gen 4 (Light) AR-15 | Unboxing-Full Review | Flaming PIG/KX3 Does It work?

  1. After shooting 60 plus rounds out of this rifle how HOT does the new NSR M-LOK Free Floating Hand Guard get?? I'm wondering if it gets as hot as the Gen 3 hand guard does.

  2. After getting this would you get the 10.5 gen 4 pistol so you can run a suppressor or would you buy the infidel again?

  3. I don't get the lure of the infidel besides its looks. Never shot 1 but have handled it. Also own the omw and afghan. The infidel whenever I see it being fired looks like is has noticeably more recoil than other Noveske's. Also its in my opinion its stupid heavy for a 13.7" DI gun. At 7.8 pounds from the factory. Most knights, DD, bcm are a full pound to pound and a half lighter and you can tell holding it. Very front heavy to me. I see you love it tho so that's all that matters. I have considered the new gen4 infidel light.

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