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45 thoughts on “Nightlife of Hochiminh city in Vietnam 2019 April, Beautiful Vietnamese women of Massage shop

  1. The reason all these videos look the same. no men really setting in bars with girls in little skirts covering there ass?. Because after you spend double the money that you would in Thailand. ''' you got jacked '''' That's it no more. you won't need to wash your hands because you won't have that passy smell ok? only coconut lotion.

  2. Xin Chiao. Hello, bro. Do you understand me? Nice video. I never thought there are so many girls who are beautiful. There are sexy and beautiful. Are the girls who are in front of the door waiting for clients? I didn't tell you that I am here just for girls. By the way, nice massage.

  3. Hello there. my name is silvio and i watch your video always with a deep interest. Im italian. I apologize to be maybe too naive but im confused and i need to ask you sir an important question : those beautiful vit women in traditional dress .. the one s at the massags shops – are they real massagers or are they prostitutes and the shops are only a cover ? At the point when you say that the traditional dresses are very nive on them – are they prostitutes covered by being shop massagers or are they true massagers and to make some tips they offer special services ? im asking this becouse i thought they were honest and not hookers .. becouse im confused i would like your comment. i donot need special services myself .. i wanted to go there for a real cultural comaprision. can you reply me please ? silviodinotte@hotmail.com by by

  4. No info at all..standed in front of the hotel for 5 mins then asked the girls in front for the price then just a walk around..not so helpful is it?

  5. I love your videos do the women in Vietnam speak OK English. And do they like older men in their 50s?. Or do they prefer the younger man?

  6. จับเย็ดดากแม่มหมดเลยอีห่าราก หีเน่าต้องเลีย

  7. This habit youtube has now of putting up links for other videos in the remaining 20 seconds or so of the video you're watching is annoying as a fuck! I want to see the video till the end not other video options!

  8. Great video Nomad TV. I visited HCMC in 2015 and had a great time. IMO the women in Vietnam are the most beautiful of the Asian countries as well as polite and reserved. I did not visit the area this video shows with the lights overhead so I appreciate this new information. If I return I will carve some time to give it a good walk through.

  9. Do SOME of those massages places offer "FULL BODY MASSAGE WITH HAPPY ENDING"? Or I have to go to the go go dancers bars? Can anyone give me a
    candid opinion on my discrete question?

  10. When I stayed in D1 last year, Google maps had me go there for a restaurant. Can't remember what the food was because they were closed. Wasn't in the mood for a massage so ended up eating elsewhere.

  11. Mr Nomad…….if you want to meet up for a beer……. me and my friend are in District 1 until 05 May……. would be great to meet you… love your information videos

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