Samsung is one of the few manufacturers still making Android tablets, let alone ones that focus on productivity. Android has a lot of potential. If Google’s not going to push the needle, a hardware expert like Samsung is the next best thing. Its latest is the Galaxy Tab S6, a follow-up to last year’s Tab S4, and it shows Samsung is listening.

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49 thoughts on “New Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Hands-On Review | Samsung’s Latest Has A Surprise

  1. Lol says it's the predecessor of the tab s4 it looks like the s4 but better and slimmer….. yet says they copied apple lol . When in fact it's the other way around. Same situation with the earbuds

  2. Perhaps Dex will be the default screen for future Samsung tablet devices. And with the S pen sticking around lately with the tab S, should Samsung revive the Note tablet line up following the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014? Will they integrate a palm rejection technology in their displays and revive the Note tablet line up?

  3. Already Pre-Ordered the S6 w/8GB ram and 256 GB. Plus the Keyboard case. I have been waiting for this one. Next on the List the next Surface Tab 🙂

  4. I won't buy it. Why? I have the Galaxy Tab A 2016 with S pen and it still does everything very well. The only problem is the amount of internal storage which seems to be too little with 16gb. Even though I use a micro sd as well.

  5. There was a trackpad since Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 (with Android 3.0) and Galaxy Tab S2 with the official Book Cover Keyboard

  6. Is this a review or a overview, because you didn't even show where the fingerprint sensor is and how well it performs and on top of this there are no benchmarks of any and nothing to show camera quality. "Review" feels rather rushed.

  7. Bestbuy is literally selling the galaxy tab s4 64gb 4gb ram for 649.00 and the galaxy tab s6 128gb 6gb ram for 649.00 wtf is up with that???!!!

  8. Hi, I use a lot of Powerpoint with video playing for conducting training. Is this possible with Tab S6? Any connector to HDMI or VGA projector? Bluetooth speaker connectivity? Thanks

  9. Great video,, im planning to get 256 GB LTE from amazon,, any idea what's the difference of the tab s6 UK version and the international version?

  10. surface had magnetic pen (and probably something else befoe that) before ipad, so stop this bs apple invents everything. in reality it's actually vice versa, it is apple who copy others.

  11. Hi I have been using Tab S5e for two months now, I faced a wired issue with the display when held vertically Page refresh is not in sync, this observed while scrolling down or up in any web page or any e-commerce app The reason i could see is this TAB was designed for horizontal/landscape view of which refresh would always happen from bottom to TAB and no scroll effect seen while held horizontally, Is this the same with TAB s6?

  12. Preorder it on the 23rd. Cant wait! Got the 8GB ram model. This will be my first table ever. Have never owned a tablet so I hope its worth it.

  13. Yeah this tablet is perfect, in every way I'm definitely going to buy this tablet.
    But does the S pen come with it??

  14. Just ordered mine from the Samsung store with the keyboard. Sadly no option was available for the 256gb.

    However because I preorded the keyboard 50%and off

  15. I for one need a headphone jack and that stupid dongle won't cut it, I'll have to buy a dac/amp to have sufficient power for my cans.

  16. Couple of points, first, a camera on the tablet is great when I use it in lab classes to get quick shots of student work that I can attach to their files. Second, finding a chrome book that is this light, with pen support, and good performance on the Android side of things (where all the apps are) would be a challenge at the price point.

  17. this proves samsung is doing a money grab by removing the headphone jack on this tablet what ya telling me you couldn't fit it on cos of the lack of space..yep not buying that one on a tablet this big..we want more not less funny how its still on your 99 dollar a10e smartphone..hmm.

  18. I don't understand why keep referencing the iPad. iPad features are dated and copy gestures from the Samsung. Why can't you focus on the product at hand?

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