Godox V1 is an all new Camera Mounted Flash system with a round head. In this video, Pixel Viilage is Reviewing it by pitting it against Godox V860II and doing a small comparison test.

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33 thoughts on “New GODOX V1 Round-Head Flash REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Thanks a lot for the very interesting video. I am using canon 430 ex and have been contemplating selling it and buying V1. would you recommend it ? Also appreciate a video on how to use an external flash for outdoor photography as a fill light and as a strobe. Love all the videos from Pixel Viilage.

  2. Свет жёсткий. На утренник только такое взять можно в потолок либо использовать взрослые модификаторы

  3. Sir, In the specs. of V1 the guide no. is mentioned as 76Ws. What value it corresponds in terms of meters at ISO 100 & the flash head at 100/200 mm? Pl. reply.

  4. Wonder how safe, with respect to the logevity of the V1 it would be to squeeze it into a Bowens S-mount adapter?
    It seems that you would end up putting pressure on some delicate parts of the body (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5eVVRs4QYE).

  5. Good View and very simply explain… great! Video Quality great (Which cam and Lenses you use = Video?) 🙂

  6. Sir my I'm a mobile photographer, always wanted to be great mobile photographer thanks sir for making mobile photography tips tutorials

  7. Earlier this month I picked up the evolv 200/ad200 from adorama.
    I just ordered the flashpoint/godox v860ii because I wanted to use it in an s mount bracket along side my evolv 200.. though I will be getting the V1 soon along with the ad200 round head adapter.
    There is a $65 accessory pack that gives the v860ii the ability to mount all of the V1's round magnetic accessories Which will be great.
    I saw both units in person when I was in nyc. One thing I do like about the v1 is the modeling light which will be helpful for focusing in low light if I'm shooting events.

  8. Sir me godx v1 or trigar xpro lena chahta hu lekin is ka id no Cheng karna chahta hu kya app btaye ge kese ho ga please sir

  9. Hi sir, Very low price compare with Profoto A1, Its very useful for professional photography, Godex V1 is best for quality portraits.

  10. Its very difficult to understand in video to compare the images. It would be great help if u can share the photos with comparison on your website.

  11. Master eventhough this was small budget but it costs me very heavy. So, I think right now am not eligible to dream about this little beautiful 🤩

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