25 thoughts on “NEW GFX100 – 100 Mega Pixel Camera From FUJIFILM. Full Review!

  1. Sir, does having 16 bit RAW vs 14 bit RAW makes any visual difference in the quality of final image?
    Because there is no perceivable difference in 14-bit vs 12-bit as demonstrated by many photographers around the world. The noise overcomes all the advantages of the new features. Even we need high end computer to process the giant RAW files. Do we have such high resolution lens technology which will resolve this high megapixel full frame camera?

  2. How bout the individual pixel sizes in the sensor? – how does it compare to the sensor of xd1 ? Cmos?? Images from Hasselblad x1d still seem to have better tonal range specially on skin

  3. Does image down sampling from higher Megapixel to lower megapixels in post reduces the noise and improves the overall look of the image? For that matter, down sampling from 24 MP to 16 versus 42 to 16 or 100 MP to 16 MP shows up any difference on the end result? Anyone having idea about this, may guide me… Thanks in advance for your time and consideration to comment!

  4. Blah blah blah blah eighth minute in still no samples pictures pure political talk about medium verse full frame really is that really necessary.

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