16 thoughts on ““New” Bosch Freak Gen 3 Impact driver/wrench review !!!

  1. Just picked up a GDX18V-1800C over the weekend for $150 @ Lowes. (Came w/ Case, Battery, and Charger) Best money I have spent in a while. Made doing the brakes on the jeep a breeze. Love it.

  2. Stanley Black and Decker is moving 50 percent of manufacturing to the US . The plant will be in Fort worth Texas and they will start to produce American made products again.

  3. That's pretty good considering the average passenger car is only around 85 ft-lbs. most trucks are 115 ish.. So that tool is pretty dam good for torque.

  4. Are all the tools you test yours and are you in any trade if not how do you acquire all those pro tools if you don't mind me asking😎👍

  5. The only thing of Bosch I have found good is their concrete working tools especially the bulldog series, I have old versions of these and they're light and can be used with one hand while been strong.

    I tried their drill/driver they're just not as good as others out their today.

  6. The only thing I'd say is when trying to do a torque test I wouldnt use the extension on the torque wrench to torque the lug nuts down with.The extension would have your torque wrench lb. Off I would assume…other than that love your videos and keep up the good work…would like to see a faceoff with the brushless kobalt impact driver,craftsman brushless impact driver and the gen 5 Rigdit..that would help with buying the cheapest bang for ya buck…I had a Dewalt 887 and it burned up so debating on which outta them three to get now….

  7. I bought this a week ago. Good ergonomics but not better then idh182. Honestly, it’s louder, heavier and more bulky compared to the big three which is disappointing. The new batteries though 4ah are really compact and great. The power is decent but still loses against regular Milwaukee brushless impacts NON Fuel. Only thing Bosch has over some others is the quality and durable feel to it.

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