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In this video, we took a first look at the Msi GP75 Leopard
This bad boy comes equipped with the latest 9th Gen i7 along with RTX 2060
It comes under the category of high-end high-performance gaming laptops.
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Thank you MSI India for inviting us

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13 thoughts on “MSI GP75 Leopard | First Impressions | i7 9th Gen | RTX 2060 #msiindia #msigaming

  1. Unless you move a lot and need the portability never go with laptop. Pc is always much better its 2x the performance and can be picked up for 3/4 or even 1/2 of the price. And you people out there saying does it come with a keyboard speaker and monitor and using them as advantages for their argument, They are in reality disadvantages. If you don't like the screen, keyboard and speaker you are stuck with them and wont be able to upgrade except the speaker.

  2. Thanks for the review. I noticed that CPU goes up to 90(ish) degrees.. does the keyboard area get too hot during game plays?

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