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The MSI GF63 8SC is a thin gaming laptop that weighs in only at 1.8Kgs but packs in powerful internals like the Intel Core i7 8750H processor with an Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU. We take a look at its key features and if it throttles when subjected to demanding tasks.

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22 thoughts on “MSI GF63 8SC Thin Gaming Laptop i7/1650 MaxQ: Impressions and Overview!

  1. I might just have to make a video for you boys. I bought this and upgraded the ram to 32gb, the nvme to a 2tv 970 and added a 2TB silicon SSD. I also bought an external 4k HDMI cable and shoot this to a 4k uhd. I play COD Modern Combat, the division 2 and TC Ghost recon. I will post a video as my frame rates are unbelievable. This little slim lappy is awesome. And for the record I bought it for 699 base at antonline.

  2. I am having gf63 9sc i5 9th gen will it provide me great gaming experience without heating . I buy it at 51k from flipkart after availing card discount….

  3. hi, sorry to bother you, I ordered this laptop on Amazon for $ 669 and the shipping weight is 7.5 pounds, but UPS has 4.10 pounds, why is that?

  4. I have the i5 version and I am unable to get the headphones and speakers as seperate devices. Realtek software is not working. Did you face same issue?

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