22 thoughts on “Motorcycle Boots Sizing & Buying Guide at RevZilla.com

  1. beware when buying dainese or spidy or alpinestars boots, italian brands numbers are usually too narrow, so if you for example normally have an 40EU number, choose a 41 if you buy dainese, spidi, etc.

  2. are race boots a tight fit? like I wear a size 12 in my work boot.would I go the same size in a race boot? or do they run small? narrow ? tight? that's my problem on picking out a pair.

  3. "this is just a sneaker with Motorcycle protection built into it" that had me dying of laughter, just from how you said it. you guys are awesome keep up the great work!

  4. i ride a dual sport i do a little of everything. only thing is i have wide feet. are there any full size boot that has a wide option?

  5. these buying guides are my go-to when i'm learning about gear that i will buy or i might buy in the future, keep them coming!

  6. Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Once a 7 foot guy came to my place of work, i felt like my face hit his knees haha and im like 5'10.3432

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