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24 thoughts on “Manila, Philippines part 2 [Travel Vlog]

  1. manila is the most devasted city in world war 2 and intramuros is testament of that part of our philippine history thanks guys for highlighting intramuros in your videos. most videoblogs just stroll around and dont say much hehe

  2. I used to live in Wisconsin. Small town called Hales Corners just outside Milwaukee. I was working at Alfa Laval (Swedish Co.) in Racine. I had a great time living in WI, my most memorable. I went visited the Green Bay Packers HQ in Green Bay. Bret Farr was their QB at that time. It’s nice to see you guys visited the Philippines. I will soon be back in the Philippines to retire. I hope you could visit the Philippines again and see Bataan (death march), Corregidor where the biggest cannon of the US Army can be found and of course the largest US military cemetery in BGC. The newest modern city in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing your videos. So happy to see you guys from Wisconsin. Good luck to you both and Godspeed.🌴🏄‍♀️🌴🏄‍♀️🌴🏄‍♀️it’s more fun in the Philippines. Just subscribed!

  3. I hope you get/got to visit Corregidor Island which is full of American + Filipino history. It's just a ferry ride away from where you were. You will definitely feel the courage and bravery of Americans and Filipinos fighting alongside each other.

  4. I think you forgot.to visit Manila-American cemetery in BGC where 17k American brave soldiers buried down there. In BGC there is underground War Tunnel that connect BGC to Makato, that tunnel was used by the Japanese forces and later recapture by the American forces.

  5. Yo cheese heads ,you guys need to go to the province,where The waterfalls,market market,The beaches At!
    Yo all be sorry if you find out about it when you guys back in Wisconsin,but then again you can always visit Chicago!
    We’re neighbors by the way,,Go Bears

  6. Did you go to the American Cemetery in BGC? That’s a beautiful place, better than Arlington Cemetery. It’s very elegant.

  7. Just subscribed.
    And first time came across ur video. I like it when u said, "it's our history too." America colonized the Philippines for almost 50 years.

  8. I love your reaction guys. It's great to see, as American tourist, that you feel the connection. And you are right, while many Americans don't realize it or just don't know, it is part of U.S. history. A part that is, sadly, not really covered much in history books. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

  9. another interesting & informative vlog guys! but always fun to start with a food vlog. haha!
    i hope you’ll visit BGC (bonifacio global city) next. check out the street art & modern sculptures all over BGC, a bit of history @ the american cemetery and memorial, a gondola boat ride at the venice grand canal mall @ mckinley hill, & finally try filipino & other cuisines @ the mercato centrale night food market, all in BGC. 3 other BGC malls to check out if you still have time> bonifacio highstreet & serendra, market!market!, sm aura. enjoy!

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