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If you’re a mango lover you might consider this a good problem to have, but for farmers in the Philippines, two million kilograms of surplus mangoes have sent prices plummeting and it’s slashed their income. The government, meanwhile, is trying to make sure that surplus mangoes don’t rot, by encouraging people to buy more and cook more.


get rid of
dispose of, throw away
• Can you please get rid of all your old clothes? There’s no space in the wardrobe!
• I got rid of my old car as soon as I had enough money for a new one.

golden opportunity
excellent chance to do something
• The government is open to investment. It’s a golden opportunity for business!
• The foreign exchange programme is a golden opportunity to learn another language!

sell like hotcakes
sell quickly due to popularity
• Make sure you apply for World Cup tickets early. They sell like hotcakes!
• Business is going well. We’re selling insurance policies like hotcakes!

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33 thoughts on “Mango surplus in the Philippines: News Review

  1. It's not just about mangoes! Learn more English vocabulary from the news by watching other News Review programmes – just click here

  2. The commentators mis-represented the meaning of the word"hotcakes" to mean cakes that are hot. Hotcakes is a synonym for a pancakes. For something to sell like a hotcake it must be bought in mass quantities with little effort on the part of the seller, usually so much so that it is hard to keep up with demand.

  3. In our country Filipinos eat mango every day and the other are eating Green mango and they dip in Vinegar or Soy sauce

  4. Hi! Neo and Tom! Thank you for an amazing video! In 2017 I had an golden opportunity to participated in a specific job in Houston, Texas, USA for 40 days. In this job I made some improvements in my english and in my professional job.
    Bye for now,

    Ricardo Pereira – Campinas / SP / Brasil

  5. I've been reading a lot about minimalism and I love it, that's why I've been getting rid of useless and extra things that I have and focusing on what’s important.

  6. I exposed to big accident in 2017 and I still under physiotherapy until now. The accident was a golden opportunity to steer myself in the right direction.
    The beginning is improving my English language to go to graduate school.

  7. Hello, you are doing great job , thanks you for helping to poor English speaking person to help,I was really enjoyed all your vedios types vocabulary or grammar or basic English teaching you or many more you're vedio very useful or informative vedio thank you so much . Lord bless to you or entire teams.

  8. 2 Once my friend uploaded a video in his YouTube channel, I had a golden opportunity to talk to him through comments section

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