Join me on a full tour of the Maia Luxury Resort & Spa in the Seychelles. Read my review of this hotel (with pros, cons, & tips) on my blog:

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34 thoughts on “Maia Luxury Resort & Spa (Seychelles): SPECTACULAR hotel

  1. You do an amazing job. Your videos are captivating ,breathtaking and so relaxing. Everytime I watch your videos I dream of seeing those place. Thank you for showing all those beautiful places. More power to you.😘

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  3. Absurdly expensive. Not a good beach. The best is the Four Seasons nearby but also expensive. Secret tip. For $50 you can use the Four Seasons facilities. The best nicest beach in my opinion.

  4. Now this is one of my favorite vlogs .Something told me this was gonna be a great one. loved when you filmed in the water..Made me tell everyone ,"Don't talk to me right now .I'm in the pool at the Maia Resort&Spa in the( Seychelles) With Mr. Luxury Travels Expert. Got to hand it to you this was great filming so so beautiful, hands down.. Keep doing you..So happy for😃 you.. Oh and love the cinnamon and lemon grass, hibiscus garden …my favorite teas.😍

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