The LG V50 ThinQ is one of the first phones to ship with 5G connectivity—but 5G is in its infancy and a first-gen modem gives the phone limited shelf life. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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26 thoughts on “LG V50 ThinQ Review

  1. LG isn't known for its cameras? Hahahahahahahahabhahahababababababababababbabababahahahahhabababababahshshshsbaba. All credibility lost.

  2. I wonder what George Patton would think about a modern day male complaining of a smartphone being heavy and hard to hold on to.

  3. You missed some other important specs such as:
    Its military durability rating
    Excellent photo shooting
    Concert recording abililty with secondary mic

  4. So this is a CDMA/GSM hybrid right? So once I have paid this off how will my Sprint version work if I end up living overseas? I know Japan has some CDMA network, but most other countries don't. I've been searching for an answer online, but I still don't quite understand if this phone will be good to go if I wind up living somewhere in Europe or somewhere elsewhere in the world running on GSM. From what you said it sounds like the 5G capability of this phone will never work overseas. Is that true even if it's unlocked? Any information you or others could provide would be most appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Reupload… $1,152 for an LG device is just insane and ridiculous. Especially when LG is always last to push out software updates

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