The Laowa 25mm lens:
The Laowa 60mm lens that is also shown in the beginning of the video:
Camera used for all photos in the video:
Flash and transmitter used for all photos:
Grip extension I use for better grip on the Sony A7III camera:
The diffusor is just an acrylic lamp dome, something like this: (my dome is 150 mm in diameter and the thread is 84.5 mm)
Camera strap I use:

This video was filmed with this small action camera:
Mic used for voiceover:

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43 thoughts on “Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5x Ultra Macro Lens Review with Sample Photos

  1. This laowa ultra macro lense interest me to take picture of the eye, in particulary the Iris.
    Do you think the 25, 60 or 100mm will be better for that?
    Thank you Micael

  2. This was such a nice video outlining this lens. Thank you so much! and your photos were simply amazing as well, I hope to see more.

  3. Hej Micael!
    Jag har den här objektiv men problemet är att den är utan adapter för min Nikon.
    Vet du vart i Sverige kan man köpa adapter för den?

  4. On D810:
    Peak sharpness at about f/4 for all mag. Diffraction occurs at f/5.6 and beyond. So don't pass f/4. At f/5.6, the deterioration is visible even at 50%.
    Compared to Mit 5x at 5x:
    Mit 5x has more resolution, also sharper. This is the result of pixel peeping. 50% enlargement, I cannot see a difference.
    Mit 5x has no LoCA, the 25mm has quite a lot of LoCA.
    Tube lens used is a raynox.
    Obviously the Mit 5x doesn't do 2.5x-4.5x. Mit 5x shrunk to 4x is still better in the centre, but corners are worse.

  5. Also have this lens. Interesting, but it has its challenges. Though going to try the dome diffuser idea. Have a light sphere that should basically function the same way.

  6. Can you also make a macro close up of the iris of the eye with this lens? I want to know if this camera suits iridiology which would be great. Would be great if you can.Thanks!

  7. Can you also make a macro close up of the iris of the eye with this lens? I want to know if this camera suits iridiology which would be great. Would be great if you can.Thanks!

  8. Loved your video. Had this lens for about a year. There are a few drawbacks that standout really fast – the main one is the lack of 1-2.5 magnification range which in my mind is the best range. The DOF on the 2.5> range is just too shallow and really leave no option but to use stacking and finding a still immobile subject. Most live objects insects you will not be photograph. Keep in mind where it's warm insect mobility is more of an issue :-). If the Sony lineup has a 1-2.5 magnification lens I would jump on it…Also back to the lens no EXIF info in Lightroom

  9. Trevligt objektiv! I bought mine last fall, really fun to play with!
    I later bought the tripod collar so i could mount a flash on it (with a flash bracket).
    And i have noticed that i does not like light aimed at the lens, it is better to keep it behind.
    I also use a flashlight handheld so i can see when using f5.6 or smaller, it helps if it´s clody.

  10. i have the MPE-65 Canon, but i do not like the distance for insects, you really have to push your subject almost to the lense. but i cant imagine the 25mm laowa would be better for distance. the 25mm could be a nice way to find your subject more quickly, since the 65 will show you only some out of focus blur. it takes me always too long to get the 5x when using x5

  11. So happy you did this lens review! I decided to try it out so I bought it only a few minutes ago. I was 95% sure before I saw your video. I really want to thank you for your videos, they mean a lot to me. And I think you don't live very far from me (Sköndal).. thumbs up
    Again, thanks, and carry on! <3

  12. I will stick with my Om zuiko 90mm f2.0 Macro lens it was used as part of a medical endoscopy kit – so it is so sharp…(I actually have two of those lenses as I was so impressed with it)….

  13. Absolutely love and enjoy your videos, just as much as a BBC earth documentary. Could you please help me…. I have a Sony A6000 and use the Mc-11 (canon) adapter with my Laowa 60mm. My Sony refuses to take any pictures. Please can help and let me know which functions I need to use?

  14. The manual aperture on all of those Laowa lenses is a buzz kill for me. Also I shoot at F11 at 5x on a regular basis and the images are pretty sharp. Motion amplified diffraction becomes a bigger problem at higher magnifications since it gets really tough to freeze motion and properly expose a scene.

  15. hi Micael. I have always been interested in macro photography. it's both frustrating and challenging at times wanting to capture a good image. as a newbie in photography, I struggle with a lot of stuff. one of them is choosing the lens I need for the shots that I want. thank you for making this review on this lens. stay awesome.

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