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33 thoughts on “Lahti-Saloranta M/26 on Mannerheim // Winter War Mod

  1. Sure you can use a Swastika in a game. You cant just ignore parts of history cause it makes you feel uncomfortable. Yes, the Nazi regime sucked balls but Stalin was so much worse, millions more died because of his regime. The poison of Communism leaked across the world and because of it, people are still dying today. No one see's it that day though because Stalin won his war…to the victor the spoils.

  2. the european servers are so fucking funny. Played one round, everybody screams in finnish.
    Just yell "SUOMI" and watch them go.
    Also usefull phrases
    "syödä liekkejä"- eat flames
    "perkele"- devil
    "Torilla tavataan"-we'll meet on the market
    and for the true finish experience https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbwO7j_BggM

  3. guys,i have problem in RS2:Vietnam. A lot of fucking lags and freezes in the menu of selection weapon and class.How to solve that? in game all are normal 40-50 fps

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