In this video I review the highly anticipated KRK Rokit 5 4th Generation Studio Monitor.
They are priced at £159 or $179 each (£318 and $358 per pair) whice lands them at the very top of the 5 inch budget monitors.
In this detailed review I look at the:
– Build Quality
– Design
– Value for money
– Sound stage and clarity

EDIT – Turns out the factory is a good one in China, no slave labour or any nasties like that!
KRK have left a comment with some more information, do check it out 🙂

They are the latest version of the best selling studio monitor in the world – but are they worth buying and what makes them better than the G3 version?

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32 thoughts on “KRK Rokit 5 G4 Studio Monitors Review and Giveaway

  1. Rich here from KRK. Love your passion and review. Just wanted to point out some factual things and share some info with your viewers. BTW, I dig your channel and vibe.

    1. You call out the size of the woofer. It is a 5 inch woofer and the same size as the Rokit 5 has been for 15 years as well as the same size as any 5 inch woofer ever. When measuring the size of a woofer, you measure screw hole to screw hole. If you think about a 6×9 speaker for a car it is a 6 inch by 9 inch square. This is an industry wide necessity, for all speakers pro audio or consumer. This way multiple speaker companies can make replacement speakers and know that the screw holes line up. If you measure a 15" driver in a live speaker it's the same thing. Screw hole to screw hole.

    2. Our website says "Optional replacement faceplates with protective metal grilles". Sorry if that is confusing. I will look at how to make that more clear. That said, the optional grilles are one piece made of another plastic baffle with metal grilles. That is a lot of cost to add to every monitor when only maybe 10% of or customers will want them. Most engineers don't want grilles but we thought it would be nice for them to be available to those who, as you rightfully point out, travel or in studios where small children think they are buttons. Also, fun fact, since they are magnetic, you could put them on to travel and switch to no grille at the gig. They are coming soon.

    3. Couldn't agree with you more on the room correction stuff. In the Quick Start Guide and manual I talk about positioning in your room and getting them sounding as good as possible before you touch the EQ. I've been careful to talk about how our EQ possibilities help get you to a better place. The only perfect place is a correctly built room. That said, we have desk EQ, shelving EQ as well as peak EQ settings that can help get you in a better place. For instance, the desk filter, is a 2dB cut at 200hZ. When you have an SSL board or just a big flat desk, the low mids build up, hit the desk filter and it cleans up nicely.

    4. The KRK app will be called KRK Audio Tools. It is a separate product that will work with G4 as well as our V Series 4 and others. We wanted to have it ready at launch of Rokit but we are a small team. It is coming soon. As to the phone mic. Agreed, with the phone mic it will give suggestions to try, each person with have to try the suggestions and decide if they like it or not. This was born when I was working on the KRK V Series 4. I would go to a studio, run pink noise from my iPod into the room and analyze the result with my phone mic and and RTA app. It would give me a bit of insight. This is definitely just a first step in a broader strategy.

  2. Really, theese KRK are better than Kali LP6. yes, all this shitty cheap monitors are more or less the same, but at least KRK G4 are feeld like they have a better build quality. Kali is made of cheapest china junk components there. I swapped 4 (!) pairs of KALI LP6 , and they all had different problems – 1 pair was buzzing from time to time, 2 pair was rattling inside the box when techno played, 3d pair 1 monitor just stopped working and when i received 4th pair it had problems with buzzing again. So shit! And i do not think that they are sounding well, they sound compressed. I got KRK rp7 G4 and what a difference. Yes they have this trademark pillowish KRK sound, yes they do hiss same as JBL / ADAM t series and other cheap junk, but at least they are build well and you dont have a feeling of having trash on your table. And yes, they really sound better than G3 series. More linear, but as Rich told if you make them LF +2 – they will be almost identical to G3 series :))))))))

  3. bought a pair of the Rokit 8 G4s and I love em.. they sound great. This review is extremely negative compared to how INCREDIBLE! these sound.
    I hooked em up, queued up CREAM by WuTang Clan and I fell in love instantly.


  4. Really good review, friend. You have mentioned that there are better options in the market with a flater sound than those krk g4 rp5. My question is: Wich flater sound monitors with that price range could you recomend us?Thank you bro. Really useful these information.

  5. Hey there ! thanks for the video ! ı have a question; can i connect my electro guitar multi effect processor directly on KRK ROKIT 5 G4 ? I want to buy a single one just to use in my room. Thank you !

  6. Thanks for these reviews, I can t afford the high line of Rokit brand. I bought the 305P MKII monitors for 320 euros pair and now the price went down so fast recently from 160 each to 100 .. Should I save money and try the KRK ROCKIT line ? I m using them as flat response with a electric guitar as if they were a guitar amp

  7. Awesome review! Thx! Been looking for new studio monitors a long time and I was about to buy the KRKs. You got me interested in the Kali ones but sadly they are a bit more expensive here in germany.

  8. These monitors make my Mac slow
    The output sounds in slow motion and staticky…
    and my computer has nothing on it but ableton..
    2013 iMac (Mojave OS)
    Core i7
    32gb ram
    3Tb SSD
    it runs super fast , but as soon as I connect the g4s it’s turns into forest gump 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Also running sound from usb C to my m audio mtrack 2×2 with the rokits on the output of the interface ..
    any help appreciated

  9. You cannot be serious about your own so called high quality studio monitors frying your ears. They must be seriously crap. Proper non distorting high end studio monitors for instance like atc scm 50asl and upwards, do not fry your ears, so your monitors must be absolute garbage. Your monitors as you say as been so super detailed and clear, but your ears get shot and fatigued does not hold water if your monitors are supposed to be high quality and non distorting. No wonder there so many bad recordings out there in the world, too many people are using too many crap products. What volume levels are you listening at. Even the older model passive versions atc scm loudspeakers and with the proper amplifiers like atc's own or the old avi monoblocks, did not fry your ears. If your mixing recordings with so much compression and distortion at loud levels then you are stupid aren't you. The rate your going your not going to be in this game long because your ears must be already damaged, and your not going to be able to mix anything properly. I cannot take you seriously, your young and foolish, and using crap equipment. There are so many crap products today been pedled as legitimate monitoring equipment it is an absolute and utter joke, when 99% of the products are total and utter junk.

  10. KRK monitors rocks I use a Novation Launchkey 49 key midi controller with these bad boys. Very much worth buying.

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