In this video, Jenny reviews the new 2019 Kia Rio in the top GT-Line trim.

It’s meant to be compact affordable transportation. This is a nice way to say it is not really pushing the boundaries of the industry in any way, but is it pushing the boundaries of what we expect from a Kia Rio?

The latest Rio GT-Line has a modern design, a new engine and gearbox, more tech and it’s supposed to drive better than ever before.

Moreover, it is the top trim, so it is bound to come with some goodies, despite the drive away price of just under $23k.

The GT-Line also has a new engine and a new gearbox. The engine is a 3-cylinder 1L turbo petrol with 88 kW and 172 Nm of torque. This does not sound like much, but the turbo really makes a big difference.

The Australian Kia Rio lineup has 4 gearbox options, including one manual, two automatics and a dual-clutch (DCT).

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46 thoughts on “Kia Rio GT Line Review | Australia

  1. 한국에선 구경도 못하는 자동차!! 왜 좋은 한국차는 외국에서만 구매해서 탈 수 있는거임!~~~~~자국민도 좀 생각해달라~~~

  2. All the's crew is charming, but my favorite is Jenny, Jenny's the best! Very informative, beautiful and classy! I always watch her reviews with pleasure even though It happened to me to live in the US what excludes me from the AU market. Keep it up princess!👍🌹

  3. What do you have in your right jacket pocket? And what’s up with that heel? It doesn’t match with rest of your outfit…..
    And the car, no, no, hell no, with all the SUVs on the road, your vision will be blocked when it’s needed the most.

  4. Hey Jenny will either you, Simone or Emelia ever review the Ford Mustang GT and new to you all in Australia the Chevrolet Camaro SS and Chevrolet Silverado HD I love the sound of a American V8

  5. Dear lady,
    I am from Pakistan and i request you to make a reveiw video of KIA Picanto before 25th Auguest because it is about to launch here.
    Thank you plz

  6. Nice to see nice to drive…. every car reviews is full of positive opinion. Let us think after 3 to 5 of using is it worth. Im not messing Kia and Hyundai lovers here. Turnin to 6 years being a mechanic i've seen a lot Kia and Hyundai selling at low price. Auto tranny is a big problem. I encounter mostly auto tranny with below 100k kilometers record on odometer.

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