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00:08 The Honeybees and the Flower Kite
05:26 The Chicken’s House of Fun
10:47 Sledging with Mr. Otter
16:04 The Snowman

ENG 49 – The Honeybees and the Flower Kite

Usually, the Chicklings make kites out of leaves. But this time Dury makes hers out of a flower. The Chicklings are puzzled by the bees following the kites and they never manage to flap away. Mother Katuri teaches them that the bees are attracted to the scent of pollen from Dury’s kite. So they let the bees take collect the pollen to make honey.

ENG 50 – The Chicken’s House of Fun

Chicken’s Coop has all the modern convenience. The automated food and shower amaze the Chicklings. Mrs. Chicken believes that “Outside” could be far too dangerous for her chicks so they stay indoors and exercise on a running wheel. Dury manages to break the wheel by running too fast and it rolls outside. “Fang” the dog saves Dury and Mama Katuri convinces Mrs. Chicken that outside isn’t so dangerous.

ENG 51 – Sledging with Mr. Otter

It’s the freezing winter, the Chicklings go slaying on a frozen stream. At first, slaying isn’t fun or easy until Otter teaches them how it’s done. Their sled speeds up way too fast unable to stop the Chicklings collect all kinds of animals as they go downhill. Eventually, they stop and now every-animal is with them so they can have a party on the ice.

ENG 52 – The Snowman

The Chicklings experience their first snow. Together they build their own snowmen. The sunsets and the long winter night begins. Kongjji finds it hard to sleep as he’s worried about his snowman. Chip and the snowmen have a magical night but he’s unsure it’s real or a dream. The other Chicklings don’t believe his story but the snowman’s new feature gives it away.

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