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26 thoughts on “KABADDI KABADDI KABADDI Full Movie Review From 🇦🇺Australia | Sandysquad Vlog 9 |

  1. You got it right….This movie was an opportunity missed. First part was awesome. Movie could have been unforgettable but for the disappointing ending. If any movie requires an alternate ending then it is this movie.

  2. I wish mero review pani eti nai thupro view aawos….. I will be giving my review from India… On 8th of next month… Can't wait

  3. दाइ सोल्टिनिलाई अाफ्नो बनाउनि कहिले? अब अर्कोमा नि अाफ्नो बनाउन पाउनु भएन भने हामि रामबाबु गुरुङ दाईको घरमा धर्ना दिने हो हजुरले साथ दिनु पर्छ है।

  4. Please watch video…..३ करोड नेपालीलाई करोडौको रोजगार, सबैले चिन्नै पर्ने नेपाली वैज्ञानिक Kapil Paudyal

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