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32 thoughts on “Just Flight Traffic Global for X-Plane 11

  1. Why did you bother review something when you are not even sure about it, specially the ATC interaction with the user and AI?

  2. Thank you Could you explain to me If the AI show up on the Default Map and/or Little Navmap I have this for P3d v3 and 4 and it is a good programe. Cheers, Mike from Scotland

  3. Thanks for the video! Can you turn off the AI on-screen information? I looked at the various settings, clicked every box and slid every slider and couldn't turn them off. When entering busy airport airspace, the sky is filled red AI info…drives me nuts! Thanks again.

  4. In order to illustrate the differences to Traffic Global compared to the performance of X-Life, I have created a short video. In my opinion, TG comes not at all close to the power of XL … https://youtu.be/kXMwbFFPh1c (pl wait a moment to get HD1090 quality)

  5. At least now there's some activity at the airports, however I'm not seeing too many planes taxi out to the Active runway??? I find that kind of strange when you're at a very busy Airport? Maybe I have to wait longer? does anybody have any insight on this? Thank you in advance. Joey

  6. Thanks Guys.. yeah I plunked down to $52 for this program, it's okay, not really that impressed with it. I can't believe that I have Pro ATC X for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and it does a better job because it interacts with the ATC. I was kind of hoping that this program would interact with X Plane's horrible ATC… but sadly it does not.

  7. 2 questions, first one how are the frame rates with all the extra aircraft? Second question, does the ATC interact with the aircraft?

  8. Thanks for sharing this with Us. Looks like a good addition to Xplane11. I'm just coming back from the real Sim at CAE in Phoenix flying B737-800 and this Xplane zibo version is as real as it gets! Great overall flying and landing. word of advice, do not touch anything while still rolling except rev. In real life FAA will ground you for it. Once clear of the runway, do after landing checklist.

  9. Thank you for the video! Can Traffic Global co-exist with WT3 or must you remove WT3 before installing? I assume given WT3 is a plugin it can be left installed and not loaded while running Traffic Global? Thanks again!

  10. The plugin looks great! It really adds something to the simulator. Is there a freeware option available for Traffic Global?

  11. Wow that is cool! I have a hard time running X-Plane at 30fps in a 737 already, so I would probably be in the teens in a medium or larger airport… I guess I could lower graphics

  12. I have a 7600k oc'd @4.5Ghz and a 1060gtx 6Gb. No performance hit for me whatsoever running in VR! To see traffic on TCAS select 'use TCAS' in TG settings. Then go to add A.I aircraft in XP config menu and add 19 A.I aircraft. Try not to use the Laminar default A.I aircraft as they may have a performance hit. I use these….
    Then all should be good 👍

  13. What's your rig like? Is there a way to "remove" traffic near your aircraft so they don't interfere with your landing? It'd be a nice feature of this app if it assigned your parking gate.

  14. Hello,
    Since this is an AI traffic add-on, there is no ATC.
    But is there any interaction with X-Plane's ATC because how to avoid being at the same time on arrival with traffic.
    Also how to handle the pushback and the taxi ?

  15. What was your traffic density set to for this video? Maybe a screenshot of the setting window might be useful. Thx for the video

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