JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash

Workout headphones and earphones are a big deal for the music loving strength athlete. There are a ton on the market and it can be tedious sifting through the multiple options.


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We’re not audio buffs, but we still care about the quality of the music we’re playing during out work outs and how secure headphones stay in the ear.

To assess the JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash Headphones, we put them through a variety of tests.


When it comes to performance, the JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash Headphones were some of the most secure we’ve ever tried. Whether we were squatting heavy, running through NYC, or jumping in a class, these headphones never budged.

The only slight downfall with these headphones were a few instances of connectivity issues when running through super busy NYC streets.


There were three main features about these headphones that we really liked for both gym-bound and outdoor loving athletes.

1. Talk-Thru Feature
2. Ambient Noise Technology
3. Under Armour Stormproof Technology

All-in-all, these were pretty solid wireless headphones and would receive a B rating from me. They were incredibly secure, the sound quality was pretty good, and they have nice features!

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35 thoughts on “JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash Review

  1. Guys, I bought this headset because I like the under armour brand not so much JBL. I had these for some months and I can safely say don't get them. It seems to have some serious connection flaws. Your phone will indicate it's connected but it's not. One of the ear pieces won't connect. You have to put it into the charging case take it out a few times to work correctly. Horrible brand I hope UA chose another brand to make their headset. Awful

  2. How do they work in a crowded gym with 200 people using bluetooth devices? I’ve tried many and they all fail at this. I went back to an old iPod shuffle and wired headphones because of this

  3. I bought these and really liked them but had to return them because of a P65 Cancer and birth defect warning. Did anyone had to return them as well or had this dilemma?

  4. I have the project rock version and they are constantly losing connectivity from left to right resulting in signal drop/auto resync.

    When compared to my Bose soundsport free, the Bose are much better with no connectivity issues. In 30 minutes I had over a dozen signal drops and that's not exaggerating.

  5. It looks really big and protruding when worn. I prefer it.being flushed to your ear and not too obvious wearing them. No thanks.

  6. Great video man! I'm just getting back into my training and need a fresh pair of headphones to kickstart my workouts. Hopefully, these headphones will meet up to my standards. Thanks man!

  7. Great review! I was hesitant about getting them cuz they're kinda expensive, but after watching your review I think that they're worth the price. THANKS A LOT <3

  8. good review … I'm considerething these ones or should I go for the Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wireless Headphones (on sale) ? thanks

  9. Sorry for commenting this.. But that's an earphone.. Not a headphone.. There's total differences between earphones and headphones.. I think it should be corrected and be known..

  10. Hey, loved the review. Also wanted to ask you if you had any connectivity issues with the left earbud, as for me it sometimes doesn't turn on automatically when taking it out of the case as the right one does. Would appreciate any feedback!

  11. Thank you foe review! im realy love it. I know that the Rock introduced its new product recently. I really want to get a review on him.

  12. first impression to pros and cons r very high readable. And it seems to great thread, standards for consumers who wanna buy this. awesome work! 🙂

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