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Jabra Elite 65t vs Apple AirPods 2 Review (NEW 2019). In this video, Jeff discusses the Apple AirPods vs Jabra Elite 65t review. These are two fully wireless earbuds that are quite popular. Jeff makes sure to discuss audio quality, volume controls and Bluetooth Stability. Other topics of discussion include battery life, overall fit and waterproofing. Thanks for watching this new Apple Airpods review and Jabra Elite 65t true wireless earbuds comparison.

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25 thoughts on “Jabra Elite 65t vs Apple AirPods 2 Review (NEW 2019)

  1. I have jabra elite 65t active and two big drawback,

    1. Unstable connection. For a brief second, I often lose connection. This happens every 1 or 2hrs. It doesnt happen often to really complain about but if Im paying 150 for a earphone, I expect it to function flawlessly.

    2. Case latching. Its not as convenient as airpods. You have to put pressure on top portion of the case to open.

    Otherwise, this is a perfect earphone for gym. Never fell off even during intense workout. Sound quality is fair considering its a bluetooth earphone. Pairing is as convenient as airpods.

  2. I have tested the jabra active for 2 weeks now, and after trying out my sister's apple bluetooth earbuds I can say with confidence that the apple bluetooth earbuds are better.

    Much better sound (jabra sounds flat in comparison). Fits much better in my ears than Jabra active.

    Jabra active has cool software, but I never really use it unless I lose my earbuds, which would means I don't need to worry about the software difference for my samsung and the apple ones.

    For reference, I jog daily and jabra keeps falling out my right ear. Larger size only make it worse. I'm using the smallest.

  3. Comply Foam just announced today 9/9/2019, that they have some silicone/foam ear "SoftConnect" ear tips for the AirPods. It makes me almost want to buy some AirPods.

  4. Airpods definitely seem better after some research. Seems like over half of the people with jabras have annoying connection or volume issues after a short time. Pretty bad reviews on Amazon. Going with airpods

  5. Do the airpods also have the sucky behavior that you can't use the buds separately? The left bud is useless without the right on the Jabra.

  6. you forget to mention that the galaxy buds will only work well if you have a samsung device and it will suffer from latency issues when connected a device that is not a mobile phone, whereas the jabra elite 65t do not suffer from that issue but do happen to have the problem of volume imbalance (as mentioned by other users online)

  7. You are the first and only youtuber that says that Samsung pods are better than Jabras wtf have you been smoking or are you just getting loney from Samsung?

  8. Main problem i’m having is that the music completely stops when one ear bud is taken out, is there any way to fix that in some settings?

  9. I tried the jabras and I was dissapointed. Everytime I made calls my voice was muffled and people could barely hear my voice. I eventually returned them to the store. Now I’m happy with my Bose buds.

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