Here is my unboxing and initial review of the iPod Touch 7th Generation! (Price 199 USD for 32 GB / 299 USD for 128 GB) Now I know what you may be thinking. Why an iPod?! Well there is a story behind this device that I share, and as you will see: this is not my iPod! Stay tuned for the my typical Android coverage continuing tomorrow, but just wanted to give this device its time, as iPod touch will always be near and dear to my heart! #ipodtouch7 #ipodtouch #ipod #apple #frankietech

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32 thoughts on “iPod Touch 7 Generation Unboxing & Initial Review: Not my iPod!

  1. Yes it’s an iPod in 2019! Hit me up with any questions about this classic device, and stay tuned for my big surprise unboxing tomorrow!

  2. I just subscribed to your channel… I used to have an iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB back in the day in June 2012-August 2016, this was my 1st iOS device, my 2nd iOS device was an iPad 4th Generation 16GB(December 2013-October 2016), and my 3rd iOS device is an iPad 6th Generation 32GB(August 2019-Present). I’ve never owned any iPhones since I’m an android phone person. I currently have an Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I’m working on getting an iPod Touch 7th Generation 256GB to store all of my offline music on Amazon Music( This will be my 4th iOS device, 2nd iPod Touch).

  3. Finally, someone who supports the iPod. This Christmas I’m trading my 6s Plus for one of these. I need a smaller phone. I need a decent processor. Always at home, battery life doesn’t matter, I’ll always have a outlet. I need no camera. Perfect device.

  4. Why would you get 128 gb for $300, I mean, that's like straight-up robbery from Apple lol. Just get the 32gb for $200 instead; like for $200, that's hard to argue lol..

  5. I want ones for my workouts…lighter and smaller. If I put my iPhone in my running shorts….my shorts will drop! Phones are now to big and heavy. This will work also in the gym…if I drop it and it breaks…it would suck but not as much if I was to break my overpriced iPhone.

  6. I'm still using an iPod Nano 4th generation. It's finally dying, so I'm looking to replace it. Basically, all I'm interested in is its audio quality and battery life, and that is apparently where many devices suck big time. How does this baby perform?

  7. That’s basically why I’m buying it soon for my music and It holds a special place to me. Back in my teens my iPod and were attached at the hip basically

  8. Not a kid…got it for music❗️Have several iPod Nano’s …previously downloaded music from iTunes onto my iMac and would sync to the nano!Recently joined Apple Music and my entire music library was automatically transferred to my new iPod
    Now,with Apple Music,tracks are directly downloaded onto the iPod! Sampling now full tracks,not snippets….I believe I just listened to an entire album that I do not even own!👍Apple Music♥️❗️

  9. Internals of iPhone 6s + external of iPhone 5s = iPhone SE
    Internals of iPhone 7 + external of iPhone 5 – phone function = iPod touch 7

  10. I have an iPod touch and an iPhone and I carry both with me. I don’t like carrying a depleted phone just because I wanted to listen to music. If apple was to put out an iPod classic with Bluetooth capabilities I would buy that instead, but I can’t.

  11. I've waited several years for the iPod Touch 7 to be release, but I was hoping it would have a 10 MP camera instead of an 8 MP camera. I'll still take it over my iPod Classic 80 GB. Nothing wrong with having a second device that just plays music so you don't waste the battery of your first device especially if you have an android.

  12. "In that time period, I actually couldn't afford an iPhone…" Well, joke's on you. I cannot afford an iPhone even now.

  13. I do believe the 32GB variant of the first generation touch was released in February 2008. 2007 was just 8 and 16GB.

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