22 thoughts on “iPad Mini 5 Unboxing

  1. Hey @garyexplains Please cover usecase for ipad in realworld scenario other than media consumption and gaming.

  2. Writing experience, is it okay for note taking as a student, I've never had an Ipad before and I don't want to spend too much on it, the budget ipad doesn't have a laminated display and has older generation cpu, so i prefer this because of future proofing as well

  3. can you please show us where exactly is the true tone sensors and can it be unlock by finger print without pressing down the home button? thanks.

  4. OOO!!! LOOKEEE!!! A tablet! I haven't seen one of those things in years. I didn't think that they still made them anymore.

  5. Maybe an odd question, but I traded in my iPhone 7 for a discount on my Galaxy S10. I hated the iPhone because it had pathetic multitasking compared to Android so I didn't think it was a great phone to keep… The iPad has split view however so do you think this iPad is a good replacement as I was mainly using that iPhone for media consumption and social media with an S8 my daily driver till the trade

  6. I recently bought a Lenovo Tab 8 with gorgeous 8" FHD screen, SCard slot and 4G for €118,00. Great Netflix device, light and 16:9 format which is far better for multimedia content than 4:3. Almost as expensive as the Apple pencil which puts things into perspective.

  7. Hello Gary, this mini 5 got the same processor as iPad pro, does this really indicate similar performance as pro model at this price? Or did Apple willingly downgraded the mini's performance as it's a cheaper variant?

  8. GARY!!!
    Good Morning Professor!
    Good Morning Fellow Classmates!

    Will you be going to the Google I/O event this year? Let the unboxing begin!

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