Lisa Gade reviews Apple’s update of their smallest iPad tablet for 2019: the iPad mini 5. With a similar design and the same 7.9” screen size as the last gen model, this is a long overdue refresh that focuses on the most important features—an updated Apple A12 Bionic CPU, Apple Pencil 1 support, and a Retina IPS high resolution laminated display with True Tone and wide P3 color gamut. As ever, the tablet starts at $399, with higher prices for Gigabit 4G LTE and higher capacity storage options. It runs iOS 12, has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, 8MP rear camera, and stereo speakers.


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31 thoughts on “iPad mini 5 Review (2019)

  1. Not great for movies? Darn it – I was hoping it was because I think the size is fantastic for carrying on a plane and just popping it out of your coat pocket.

  2. I'm glad they didn't really update the design. I'm a private pilot and I was using an iPad Mini 4 in the cockpit; it was almost the perfect tablet for a small plane where every inch counts but it was definitely slow with apps like Foreflight (a very demanding, pro level electronic flight bag app). The Mini 5, though, runs everything I throw at it like butter, and I can still use it with the same kneeboard, and the same smart cover when I'm using it at home. I also love the pencil support, which has me on my way to being totally paperless in the cockpit, at least as far as what's on my knee. My one slight disappointment is that they moved the controls and camera a tiny bit, but enough that my Mini 4 keyboard case (and I love using the iPad Mini with a keyboard!) doesn't really work with the Mini 5. I'd guess they probably had to do that for technical reasons because I don't want to think they're just messing with us. Otherwise, though, it's the perfect update – same thing, just faster and with pencil support.

  3. I love mini size, i will hopefully get a 5 ,i use a 64 gig ipad mini 3 now ( i want newest in case they stop making, it took almost 4 years to get this) design i am used to . Bezels dont bother me. Speakers they just want u to buy pro.

  4. If I could have one mobile device it would be an
    iPhone the size of the iPad mini.
    I don't hold my iPhone up to my ear, EVER.
    I use ear buds.
    Maybe someday, Apple will fulfill my dream.

  5. Ugh, well this didn’t make my choice any easier. It’s between this and a refurbished iPad Pro. 🙃 The mini would be an awesome e-reader for books/browsing, but I would definitely want to write as well….hmmm. Great review as always!

  6. Can anyone explain this to me. It claims the wide P3 color gamut. Yet when you look at the benchmarks at notebookcheck, it stays in the srgb space. Then they say it has a amazing deltae, but it does not leave the srgb space like let's say a Samsung tab s4 that has a worst deltae, yet at least they try to cover all 3 spaces ( srgb, Adobe rgb and P3). Is this a scam. Also, I cannot find any other iPad who has a P3 color test done for accuracy. They just check the srgb color space and say it is great…. Who says that if other companies did a srgb only color space, they would not get a amazing deltae?

  7. rolls !-> they; 1 != 2
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    larger -> greater
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    "folks" but "people"

  8. Wow, amazing review!
    my first time seeing your content, I was a bit hesitant, but turns out you're a lot better than those who has more subs.

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