37 thoughts on “IGN Reviews – Fire Emblem Awakening Video Review

  1. This game is the reason the franchise has survived this long. Apparently according to some articles online, the team were going to scrap Fire Emblem until Awakening arrived and performed extremely well. Love this game and the level of replayability is crazy. Great balance between Humour and Story arcs. Three houses is great too, but Imo I still enjoy Replaying Awakening more.

  2. I'm very new to the series. Honestly, I'm only considering getting this game because it's more focused on Chrom. He is my favorite character from Fire Emblem Warriors, which is my first and only Fire Emblem game. I use Chrom a lot in the game and I want to learn more about his character. I also like Lucina, Fredrick and Lissa and they're all on this one game.

  3. I love this game I have no issues with it I never get tired of it and awakening is the best game and I still play it to this day and it my all time favorite fire emblem game ever

  4. "You get to design your own Fire Emblem character, another first for the series"

    Only if you have not played the game before Awakening

  5. Quite frankly one of the best games I ever played. There are some WOW moments where the gameplay, the music and effects come together to create a truly epic feeling. This game will keep anyone totally engaged throughout. 9.5/10

  6. I dont like JRPG's but the footage of the combat you showed, kinda reminds me of "Gladius" for the Gamecube. Is it anything like that? In that case I might pick it up.

  7. You gave it a 9.6/10 but talk about how perfect it is. I don’t understand how game reviews even work. <_<

    The story isn’t that great, but the cast of characters sure are.

  8. No feet on character sprites, -0.4 points 😂
    Seriously this game is so fun. I've just started it and I'm loving it.

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