Body and skin update included. Regain after bariatric surgery is a real thing and this channel is about real life so let’s chat 😉

Thanks all. Love you!

Current Weight: 144
Highest weight(day before pre-op liquid diet): 235.6
Day of VSG Weight: 215.6
Lowest Weight: 122.8 (April 2019)
Current Goal: 130-135 maintenance range
Age: 31
Height: 5’2.5”

Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Surgery Date: 03/21/2016
Liquid Diet Start Date: 03/07/2016

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Hi there! My name is Patrice and I am a thirty-something working mama of two little boys and one sweet baby girl! On this channel, I upload videos on any topic I want and any that you guys request to see including pregnancy, breastfeeding, beauty, weight loss, bariatric (gastric sleeve) VSG surgery, diet, nutrition, going vegan, unboxings, reviews, tutorials, and more!! I thank you so much for checking out my channel, and if you like what you see, I hope you’ll subscribe! Don’t forget to let me know if you have your own channel so I can check you out too!

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15 thoughts on “I GAINED 22 POUNDS AFTER VSG 😞

  1. Thank you for this honest update. I have my surgery scheduled and I always look to see how long it has been since someone had posted. I find that many stop after a year and this makes me nervous! I appreciate the ‘real talk’!

  2. I’d judge you if your house WAS organized 😆😆

    I’m in the same boat – I went from 147 to 172 from bad habits. I’m back on track and working hard to use my sleeve. Good luck to you ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi Patrice, it is so so good to see you! That busy little girl is absolutely adorable and makes the vlog real and fun!!😊 I'm a bit shorter then you and dealing with regain after 3 years post VSG also. You look fantastic! But I understand. There are certain numbers we don't want to 'get back up to' . Three kids, work,..hectic is an understatement. But you have to take care of you. Switch that pasta to zoodles and spaghetti squash🍝.- you can do this!🍁🌻

  4. You’re doing TERRIFIC. You had a baby for goodness sake! You look great!
    That said., 13 years out, my weight goes up and down. I was up 27 lbs. now at about 5 over goal. Meal prep and nutrition is HUGE!

    Good luck 😉 you got this! And you do look great!

  5. Oh my she is soo adorable, babies are God's blessing to help us slow down. I totally understand where you are at, 2 yrs out RNY & gained 20 pounds. Scary, but I don't want to get FAT again. My nutritionals calls it the terrible two's of weight loss. You get tired of portions low carb exercise etc & old habits come back in a little at a time. Praying you find your motivation, still trying to find mine. God bless your lovely family.

  6. Your results from a mommy makeover would be gorgeous!! I just did mine 6 months ago, and it’s seriously the best decision since I chose to have VSG too. ❤️

  7. Oh where to start — she is a beauty! Lying is bad but MOM, they were looking out for each other so that counts for a LOT in my books and .. you make me smile!!! You got this!!!! xo

  8. I feel you. I had my surgery the same year but done in September. I have gain 11 lbs. Not so happy about it but not given up to list it. Me too I'm drinking more but that bc I stop breastfeeding my baby. I know u can do it. U have done it before. I also need to put my shit together. Smh! I'll get there soon.

  9. So glad I’m not the only one. I have 16 lbs of baby weight to get down to my lowest but I still would like to loose 10 more past that but 3 kids (8,1, and 5 weeks) is soooo hard! Tired and lacking motivation 🙁

  10. Totally feel you on the I'm not sure if it's a girl or because it's my last baby! I totally had a moment like this over the weekend. Also I'm with you on that mommy make over! I'm hoping to get mine done the end of next year or early 2021 😉

  11. So I am 10 years post op. Regain is a real thing. It sucks but it happens….sometimes more than once. My personal average "good" for me weight is right around 138. This morning I was 141. I am absolutely fine with that. You find over the years that your weight will fluctuate some with the different seasons of your life. We all know that. I have no doubt you will be back to a weight you are comfortable with in no time. Give yourself and your body a break. Having a baby after weight loss surgery is tough. Treat yourself with the kindness and grace you would give a friend. For me I had to cut out the alcohol because I had my most regain when I was drinking the most.

  12. Hey! Hi! Omg, do we mind your sweet pea in the back ground?… She's stinking adorable. Glad your getting back on track or at least vocalized your worries. Love the reality you have in your videos and not sugar coating anything. To much sugar will just make us vomit anyways lol♥️

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