Ok, I was curious so I bought a pair of tall riding boots from Wish. Now I wish I hadn’t! Hopefully this will help someone who is thinking about doing the same thing, and they won’t do it! These boots are just plain awful. They aren’t even really wearable as fashion boots because the cut is just so bad.
So if t=you are thinking about buying tall riding boots from Wish, save your money, and go buy a pair of used boots because if you buy these, you will be wasting your money, like I did.

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31 thoughts on “I Bought Tall Riding Boots From Wish – I Wish I Didn't

  1. Oh my lord im here laughing rolling on the floor, the way you show them off and try to style the walk and yhe music… oh mighty God you are just funny.. just cuy yhe side piece that should do the trick.

  2. I mean, I guess you could use them as flower pots or something lol BUT I have heard that wish has good plastic stirrups!

  3. Yup, never order wearables from wish. I will say the 2 shirts I ordered that came way to small, the seller was very polite, gave me full refunds and told me to just give the product to someone they would fit. I have ordered home decor and craft items and been super pleased.

  4. Those look like something for COSPLAY or a theatre costume. Cheap, but not the real thing.
    Better off waiting for the sales on Ariat at Smartpak. It won't be $39, but worth the money you do spend.

  5. If you're looking for a good pair of riding boots for about £200, I'd recommend El Estribo. I have a friend who is an avid rider and he wears them for every day riding.

  6. Thanks Lisa, we'll be sure to avoid WISH. By the way, you're face was priceless and said it all when you first caught a glimpse of your new "riding boots," lol.

  7. When you pulled these "boots" out, I nearly spit out my drink. This kept me giggling because I was tempted to order these. 😂😂

  8. One horsie thing that we buy on wish is plastic wool needles! They are great for plaiting and you can get a massive pack for next to nothing… we have really long ones for the perfect forelock…

  9. Oh mighty gods of riding boots! I laughed my bum off! Your face says it all.. ai caramba.. I love your foxysox though!

  10. Wow. A friend of mine from several years ago coined the phrase to describe where things like this came from. The stuff made of leather that's one step up from cardboard- Crap-tack-istan

  11. When you pulled out the first one I laughed I couldn't help myself 😂😂😂 you could wear them as work boots around the farm ahaha

  12. The same thing just happened to me with a company called Helloladyy. I bought what I believed to be (from the picture) "distressed" brown, leather lace up calf boots. They arrived and were the cheapest plastic kick offs. Horrible! I would be embarrassed to wear them anywhere. I'm currently enduring a neverending email Circus trying to get my money back. I will have to pay shipping, but at least plastic doesn't weigh much! They also came from China, packaged exactly the same as yours – in a bag, folded in half. I was so disappointed! I paid $60 some odd. Argh. Hope you at least get a full refund. I'm not going to.

  13. Oh my you certainly got what you paid for. lol I stay away from ordering clothing, footwear, lighting and electronics from China. Crap materials, sizes are so far off North American/European sizes and electrical does not meet safety standards so bigtime fire hazard.

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