In this video, Amelia reviews the 2019 Hyundai i30 Fastback N.

This car takes the best features of the i30N hot hatch, ups a few and packs them in a fastback, more coupe-resembling design. We feature some exhaust notes and engine noises from this N performance vehicle in this video.

The engine is a 2 litre engine twin scroll turbo with 202 kW of power and 353 Nm of torque, or 378 Nm while in overboost.

For now, it is just as powerful as the hatchback, a bit more practical, more comfortable and with better grip. Add to this the Hyundai 5-year warranty, great servicing network and support and the i30 Fastback N becomes even more appealing.

We were lucky enough to get to test the i30 Fastback N in on Australia’s own international racetrack The Bend.

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33 thoughts on “Hyundai i30 Fastback N review | Australia

  1. Yeah, the Fastback looks better than the hatchback, but neither this nor the Golf GTI are the best among the sporty compact cars. The Ford Focus RS is not only visually more present, but also driving dynamic. Only the A-class AMG could compete with it, but it is even more expensive.

  2. 아시발존나이쁘다진짜 쌀거같다 시발 해치백도이쁜데 패스트백은 더이쁘네시발..좆같은흉노족새끼들 ㅠ

  3. 한국은 개판으로 만들어도 사주니까 이쁘게 만들 필요가 없겠지
    수출용은 이쁘고 좋아야 팔리니까 신경 쓸 수 밖에 없고 ㅋ

  4. Reading the comments here – I guess why Australia might be getting these cars so easily is , they just import them from everywhere.

    For many other countries they’ll have to manufacture them locally.

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