In this demo, Christopher Maloney from the PowerPoint engineering team highlights Designer and Morph, new intelligent tools that automate the creation of slides and presentations. Designer automatically provides layout and design suggestions when you add images to your slides and Morph, helps you create fluid, video-like slide transitions. To get started with Designer, Morph install Office 365 ProPlus today and for upcoming prerelease capabilities in Office, join the Office Insider program. These capabilities will help you in your digital transformation to a more modern workplace with Microsoft 365.


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22 thoughts on “How to use Designer and Morph in PowerPoint to make better presentations

  1. I've used Morph on my last presentation, and it was incredible (parallax effect(. I have a question: is there a way to give Easy in or Easy Out to the animation?. I imagine the answer is not, but I though I would ask. Thanks

  2. This is one of the best features I've seen in Power Point. I was a heavy user of Keynote, but since I switched to windows and start working with PPT didn't realized what great program it is. I'm creating slides that look like webpages scrolling with parallax effects with all the elements.
    Question: is there a way to change the speed and easy in or out for individual elements in the same transition, with Morph?

  3. Wow!!! Now I can do the same type of animations with just few clicks and drags. Grow/Shrink + Line Motion Paths + Efficiency = Morph

  4. I see that de Design Ideas Feature is still not available on the mac. I can the morph function although i had totally no clue how to use it.

  5. ok, this is excellent.  question; how do you get the shapes to change shape with the morph.  i can get shapes to move and twist and squash using the new morph transition, but not change shape.  there is a great video in youtube which shows triangles changing to circles and then odd shapes morphing into motorbikes and cars and planes and boats, but i can't see or find how to do this!!  help!

  6. One simple feature that I want to see in PowerPoint is easing functions on motion paths, fly ins/outs, etc. for smoother animations. Can you add them to PowerPoint? I'll be happy if you do. 🙂

  7. Sleek. Had to work really hard to achieve the fluid transitions without morph in past. Can you please share the solar system sample and link it back to this video?

  8. Will designer and morph features integrated to the Current branch for business launch on feb 16th (they currently are not in the "First release for current branch for business")?

  9. hi, plz help me the design ideas dosen't show in my powerpoint i dont know why
    i has already Morph
    we can activated or disabled or what plz answer me …

  10. I am SO excited about these features – I just made a quick demo video of how the Morph transition can look a lot like Prezi! Thanks so much, MS team – so many new creative possibilities!

  11. How would this morph feature work on systems without office 365? Would anyone wanting to play the presentation have to use a player then?

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