24 thoughts on “How To Resolve Usb Device Not Recognized Errors In Windows 10

  1. my computer still don't show my USB device. Computer does initially make a noise when connected, but a fraction of a second later, makes an "unplugged" noise like I disconnected it…also shows Nothing in Disk Manangement section.. Also, my USB has a built in light that just flashes when connected to computer.

  2. I plugged my Xbox controller in my pc and plugged it out by accident while it was installing drivers… It never worked after that…

  3. so i just switched which port i plugged my keyboard and mouse into, because 2 of my ports stopped working, and they work but now my pc can't connect to my ethernet cable

  4. Nothing worked for me but you explained everything clearly in the video so I left you a like anyway 🙂 Thanks for the info.

  5. Holy shit balls. Mouse never shows up. It can click, it can scroll, but its invisible in the middle.of the screen and the device couldnt migrate. I tried everything possible including plugging it into a different usb. But waiting like 30 seconds before re plugging it was apparently the fix. Im glad it works but thats some bullshit computer fuckery right there.

  6. i have samsung tab 3 t210r and its not connecting to windows 10 when i tryed to update software from sd card it stuck on samsung logo and even after factory restore it still bricked on samsung logo. i tryed update ir with older software from sd card but best result was it started to upgrade where it says upgrade android and stuck on atarting apps…. when restarting its same shi…..
    i dont know what to do more with this tablet
    please help

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