In this Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorial video, you will learn to remove a single or all the hyperlinks within from your document. You can easily remove a hyperlink just by right-clicking on the link and choose Remove Link from the context menu but you will not find any option in the Office Ribbon to remove multiple hyperlinks at once.

In this tutorial, you will also learn that how you can copy text from web pages and can paste them into word documents without the hyperlinks.

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Information also applies to the following versions of Microsoft Word :

Word 2007
Word 2010
Word 2013

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40 thoughts on “How to Remove All Hyperlinks from Word Document | Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorial

  1. If you want to remove the hyberlinks and make them look like the other text aka black. CTRL + A then CTRL space space.

  2. Thanks for the info but, all you could of done was put all words in black so it would of been difficult for one to know if you plagerised.But thanks anyway

  3. Great video :)Thank you for your help.This simple information saved my day.Its just so easy when you have the knowledge .Keep up with the good work.

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