Challenger Jungler shows you How to play Xin Zhao like a pro in 13 minutes! After watching this video you will know everything to be able to play Xin Zhao Jungle with high proficiency (At least at a Low mid Diamond level!) Xin Zhao Jungle Tutorial Guide League of Legends
100% win rate Xin Zhao Guide

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43 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY Xin Zhao LIKE A PRO IN 13 MINUTES – Xin Zhao Jungle Commentary Guide – League of Legends

  1. Scuttle spawn is now 3:15 rather than 2:00. After red buff gank typically gonna invade enemy junglers buff, or go to your opposite buff if you can't.

  2. Very clean and smooth video. Sounded like a pro and nice put together from start to finish.

    Many try to put together what you have done but don't come close. Once again, great job!!

  3. How can you name the video How to play like a pro, when there is maybe 90% chance this will not happen in peoples game ?

  4. Play Xin as a solo ranked player, cant help but notice you were duo'ed with the Vlad and you kept mentioning mid prio

  5. 0:40 if you used q before you ed you’d have knocked him up before the flash. You hit three basics on him there.

  6. I try to play Xin today and watch what runes pros use. Every Pro and opGG going first for the red page and in the first stage the right ability. It gives ats for the first 3 Autoattacks. And now u show me another rune page. im very confused now, because i think the aa ats is very good for stacking my Q for knockup. What do u think about that?

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