A short tutorial on 3 ways to hack any and every Android game easily.
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We recommend using HackerBot to find legitimate hacks, tutorials, modded APKs, mods and similar cheats for all kinds of online games, which will work for you most of the time excluding the time it takes to update mods to the latest version.

Top Android Cheating Tools:
Game Hacking Apps and Tools can be used to create your own hacks, following tutorials and learning how to edit memory.
Memory editing Tutorial:

Best Emulators:

Bot for online mobile games on Android can be created using macro editors and recorders allowig you to farm unlimited money, infinte gems and other goodies in most android mobile online games making it one of the best cheats available.
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42 thoughts on “How to Hack every Android Game with 100% Sucess Easily! (Latest Working Method)

  1. Hey, @sammyswiss, can u email me in iwuar94@gmail.com, cuz I have smtg to ask u.. please im beg…
    Im just a normal person..
    Anyway thanks for the video dude

  2. The emulator knox is cool and allows you to turn on root and off so if you have a pc install knox and use gameguardian bec. That hacking app is legit working

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  5. I downloaded your hackerbot , used your cheats button, looking for bots for coin master , didnt get much of no where. And button for paid cheats.
    I'm new at this a d need help

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