41 thoughts on “How to Change Page Size in PowerPoint

  1. how about when you want to change the size of only one slide and the rest remain the same? even if i select that particular page all the pages are changing size/….what can be done?… i googled and can't find anything

  2. I can set the default slide size to 16:9, but if I then make a new presentation by "insert photo album" Powerpoint changes back to 4:3, even if the photos are 16:9, so the content appears in a "letterbox" with blanks above and below, and on showing the presentation "full screen" it also does not use the width of the 16:9 screen. You can change that album presentation to 16:9 again, but Powerpoint then stretches the content to the 16 width but does not adjust the height, so you get a squashed picture. Very clever. I would like to charge Microsoft for the time which I waste. Any ideas to solve this one?

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